You were probably raised improperly so you don’t know what karma is, but it will get you. once you’ve had your fun riding my bike that you stole from N.4th and Roebling or selling its parts for drug money or whatever you ultimately decide to do with my PRIMARY FORM OF TRANSPORTATION, I hope something really annoying and disturbing happens to you where you feel totally violated and helpless. I hope someone beats you up and steals your McDonalds.

God. Bike thieves are such pathetic cowards it just makes me want to swear.

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  1. They’re not usually dismantled and sold as parts. Most of the bikes stolen around here are sold complete also around here, I’d guess, and pretty quickly. For about $20 or $30.

    Or am I the only one who’s regularly asked while walking on various Greenpoint and Williamsburg streets late at night if I want to buy a bike? Or an amp, or a guitar… Manhattan Ave, Driggs, it’s like a roving pawnshop out there.

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