The Brooklyn Kitchen announced its inaugural “Apples: Anything But Pie” cook-off. Contestants can enter anything (edible) as long as it contains apples and is not a pie (back to the drawing board bakers!). The apple-off is being held on September 20th and contestants must bring their dishes ready to serve. There is a $10 dollar entrance fee and proceeds will go to Greenpoint Reform Church’s soup kitchen.

I wonder if they need any more judges…I happen to be free that day…

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  1. hey greenpointer,

    almost a native; well, my dad was a native and that should count for some street cred’, right? That said, my greenpointer perspective originates from the loamy loins of lorimer street between calyer and noble, way,way, way before it was “hip”. In fact, it was considered a character defect. What I remember was the Bohack and Murphy’s bar on the corner, the piers very close by and equally dangerous to walk on, real street hockey; I was a sometime forward for the Lorimer ‘Leafs and we played with a real puck, bed pillows and a catcher’s glove for the unfortunate who played goalie and regular old time roller skates that you attached to your sneakers. What a racket! I can still feel the bruises.

    Just about everyone I know from there is long gone except for my senile aunt who lives in a rent controlled apartment that she is loathed to give up. I made a wrong turn in Long Island City last year and found myself on Manhattan Ave. and by some miracle located my dad’s old house. And by a further divine act, ran into my aunt and her daughter as a I doubled parked in front of the house. Clueless as ever, they didn’t know any curious places to send me after I inquired about where an artist and poet might go to fit in. They basically sent me packing, so much for relations. So tell me Greenpointer, what’s happening there that’s so zany that everyone’s making such a big fuss? It can’t be the rent, can it?

    I’ll take a look around your blog and see what I can see-



    county antrim by way of greenpoint, weehawken, nj and dix hills, long island

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