I’m confused.

Yesterday I was walking down Franklin when I got to the intersection of Franklin and Oak and saw something new going in. Upon further inspection and a short conversation with a man who seemed to be running the show (or at least the renovation) – it was revealed that some sort of coffee shop-bakery hybrid was in the works. He said it was going to be named Cookie Dough. But here is the weird part – he said I could get more info at cookiedough.com – which is totally not the case. So I am wondering: is this operation some sort of chain? that sells lots of….cookie dough? Does anyone know about this?

In any case, chain or no chain, the little baked good nook is supposedly opening towards the end of October and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they sell Stumptown coffee.

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  1. It is not unusual for someone to report a website incorrectly. I would bet that was not the exact address. I am actally hoping it was not correct because that wasn’t quite what I was picturing…

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