I know the prospect of tearing yourself away from the Olympics is extremely stressful. When I watch, I set up a little station with refreshments and toilet paper for when I cry at the medal ceremonies. This way I only have to get up for bathroom breaks – and trust me, if I could avoid even those, I would. They break my concentration.

But tonight at McCarren Pool, you can get out of the house with out completely abandoning your Olympic post! The feature-length documentary Sync or Swim, which follows a group of women in hot pursuit of their Olympic synchronized swimming dreams, will be screened at 8pm. Doors are at 6pm and there is a $5 suggested donation.

Though synchronized swimming has always reminded me of bath time, I am happy that my life can continue to completely revolve around the Olympics. Depending on NBC programming, I will be in attendance. If women’s handball is on – I’m headed for the pool.

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