I am obsessed with cheese (was a card carrying member of Murray’s cheese of the month club at one point) and being obsessed with cheese has made me well, obsessed with wine. So my face flushed merlot with excitement (some call it DT’s) when I read this piece about a GPT one-woman wine-making show today. Brooklyn Oenology is Greenpointer Alie Shaper’s successful stab at “urban wine-making” and is an operation that is finding growing success in and around our borough.

If your senses have been peaked by this lore of libation, BOE’s web page recommends trying its 2005 vintages which can be found at various pick-ups – but most locally at Uva Wines & Spirits on n.6 and Bedford.

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  1. Being Italian, I too love cheese and wine. You’ll appreciate this, maybe even inspire you to write a future post about it lol, but AnswersTV.com a wine channel which is pretty extensive in the information it offers. Definitely check it out.

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