In response to the on-going (and justified) neighborhood complaints in regard to Studio B’s loud presence on Banker Street, Ken Fisher, the club’s lawyer is blaming rowdy patrons for the disturbances. In this posting from the Brooklyn Paper, Fisher says the disrespect GPTers are observing is not “necessarily within the club’s responsibility to control.” Studio B has been raising some eyebrows in recent weeks as the club is apparently missing the must-have cabaret license necessary for venues of its type.

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed myself at Studio B and have no real complaints about the venue (except for the fact that roller skating there is a SUPER dangerous, bone-breaking experience) – but when a new bar/restaurant/venue opens on your block, you would like to think that the owners would have the neighborhood’s back a little.

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  1. Additionally, its also not cool to point fingers at the paying customers. These are the people that patronize your venue – the ones paying for the shows and the drinks. Though they could be more respectful to the neighbors, the fact that the operation is willing to sell them down the river shows how “valued” these customers actually are.

  2. As a lawyer (and former Council Member representing Greenpoint) Mr. Fisher should be familiar with the concept of a “public nuisance”, which Studio B clearly is.

    It is a real shame that the area the City promised to preserve for industrial jobs is becoming an entertainment and hotel district. The last thing we want here is to become the next Meatpacking District.

  3. if i was a paying customer, I’d be more concerned that the venue was willing to overcrowd the venue (citation for overcapacity) and was willing to open up a rooftop area for which they had no permit and no license to do so. that to me shows what the club ultimately thinks of their patrons.

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