A lot has been changing at the intersection of Bedford with Nassau and Lorimer – so I thought I would post some details.

First, and most obviously, there is Lokal, which has been with us a while now – but I’ve noticed they’ve taken their seating to the streets and now diners can sit side walk while enjoying their Bulgogi sandwiches.

The farmers market – which was forced to move to NaBedLo when they were displaced due to a repaving of their original corner (Lorimer and Driggs) – has decided to stay a while. While the parks department has encouraged the market to stay on the NaBedLo side as they attempt to rehab the gray and patchy grass on the Driggs corner, the Greenmarket vendors happen to like their new home and intend to stay indefinitely. The market is now offering free workshops – last Saturday was bicycle day and this Saturday free yoga will be taught in the park by neighborhood instructors (bring your own mat). I’m not the yoga type, but I think I will definitely check out July 26th’s workshop about pickles…

We continue watch the little space on the northern corner of Lorimer and Bedford transform into a new restaurant. Though the opening date has been pushed back to late summer at this point, I still anxiously await the arrival of a new haunt. I’ve been peeking in when they have been working on the space and they have put in a really cool half moon-shaped counter ala Diamond Bar. Right now Lokal has a monopoly on the diners of NaBedLo but we shall see what happens once this new business gets up and running!

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  1. This is my corner so I’ll give my insight:

    Keep in mind with Lokal if you are against the street seating their city hearing isn’t until July 27th (they just went ahead and put out chairs without approval, or so I assume because the hearing flier is still in their window)…not that I care either way.

    Thanks for the update about the pickle workshop at the market!!! that sounds awesome.

    Also I have a question about this corner if anyone can help:

    What is up with that weird store type thing next to Lokal with no sign? They open up the garrage door and it looks like they have a bunch of stolen or damaged goods for sale?

    Also does anyone know if someone is taking care of the kittens that I saw running in and out of the hole in the bottom of that same garage door?

  2. Shoot, well, I’m not against Lokal’s street seating – and I hope I didn’t rat them out!

    About the weird warehouse next door, I have always been a little afraid to ask – but I did notice that they went on hiatus from selling seemingly sketchy things for a little while. They appear however, to be back in action at this point. Maybe I will buy some DVDs from them this weekend and investigate the garage and the orphaned kitties.

  3. When walking past Lokal after work…it appears that the flier I saw about the hearing for outdoor seating has been removed…I’ll let you know if it reappears/any other development.

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