Last month I had a post about the basketball playing kids who needed help raising money to fund their practices at St. Cecilia’s. I’m happy to report that we did receive $270 in donations through the PayPal option from that post. From wonderful readers and businesses from Greenpoint and beyond.

But as you know, at $20 an hour a couple of hundred bucks doesn’t buy a ton of time on the court. And other things like transportation to play teams out of state cost money for these kids, too. Native Greenpointer Rick Atson of Parties On Point has set up a website for the On Point Cyclones kids where you can also donate and see the kids you’ll be helping.

But now the big news! Rick has been able to get Howard Thompson of CW11’s News popular Help Me Howard segment to showcase the kids plight! It will be on this Thursday during the 10pm CW11 news (approx 10:30pm). Howard has also mentioned trying to help Rick get a basketball sponsor for the team which would be tremendous!

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