I know its been a slow start for me and Greenpointers and it occurred to me that I never properly introduced myself… So! For starters I thought I would post what I originally sent to Justine and we can go from there:

My main drag, my “strip” that I “cruise”, the food court to my mall, is Lorimer Street. An avenue of multiple personalities, Lorimer springs out of Noble Street and travels south-east; mutating block by block. One of my favorite summer pastimes is seeing how long I can make an iced coffee last on a Saturday morning stroll down my street, spotting all the new developments along the way. I’d like to think that if a pageant in my stomping ground’s name were ever to be held, I would be crowned Miss Lorimer Street with out contest. We can all dream can’t we?

I am originally from Seattle and more specifically from a neighborhood that lies near the shores Lake Washington. Seattle, though “green,” differs vastly from that of our little tip of Brooklyn. However, I’ve really taken to Greenpoint’s incidental charm and its loving, though unfortunately polluted embrace. Surprisingly, I’ve managed to find similarities between the quirky side streets and the ever-changing businesses of the GPT and those from my days of yore in Seattle. Such revelations have often intrigued me but at times have also left me severely weirded-out: the congruencies can be down right eerie.

That being said, I have equal parts curiosity and respect for both Greenpoint pioneers and preservationists. Though I currently do not have a main focus for my contributions to ‘Greenpointers,’ I think the direction I will take my pieces will have to do with both of the aforementioned parties and of course, all done with a Lorimer-centric perspective. However, this is highly subject to change as I do not discriminate against a good story. Interesting news is, after all, interesting news.

You can find me on my stoop,
Lady Lorimer


I look forward to contributing!

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  1. Hi-
    Glad you’re doing this blog and giving the ‘point some online love!

    Just a small quibble- I never thought of “pioneers” and preservationists as opposed- maybe I’m just unclear as to who you’re talking about. Also might want to steer clear of referring to folks as “pioneers”– it’s not like moving to Gpt was a risk that required them to clear brush and build a homestead. 😉

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