This Sunday marked Jelly NYC’s inaugural pool party. Though I found the rain hardly a deterrent being the Northwesterner that I am, the storm kept the hordes of fair weather pool partiers at bay. The Hold Steady headlined to the delight of rows of wet devotees while the pool party regulars stuck to the dodge ball courts and the slip-n-slide. Most noteworthy was the fact that the beer selection has grown and now includes Bud Light (for those watching the waist line). Though I thought the Hold Steady gave a particularly unmemorable performance, J.Roddy and The Business an opening act from Baltimore, knocked my socks off! They were like Metallica meets Lynard Skynard but with much better hair!

I know the pool parties get a mixed bag when it comes to reviews (I mean, they are annoying if you live on Lorimer – but you always find yourself stopping by anyway) – but as of right now, this will be the last season of free music at the McCarren Pool and there are some good line ups this summer. Next weekend presents Ronnie Spector and The Rabbit Factory Soul Revue. If you don’t like the music, you should go for the people watching and if you don’t like the people watching, you should go for the music – if you don’t like any of those, go for the Bud Light.

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