Got an email from a reader in Florida this week looking for some of that good ol’ Greenpoint grub.

I used to drive through Greenpoint on my way to work, and stop for groceries along the way. Now that I am retired and living in Florida, I miss the true Polish kielbasa that I used to pick up from stores on Manhattan Avenue where I had to point to what I wanted because I couldn’t speak Polish. I wonder if any of those stores ship their products?

I found a thread going on at Chowhound where some people were talking about getting Polish goodies delivered. There seems to be a few online places to get it though none of them are local places. It wouldn’t hurt to call the following Greenpoint places to see if they do infact deliver (you might need a Polish translator though!):

Steve’s Meat Market
104 Nassau Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 383-1780/2041

W-Nassau Meat Market
915 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 389-6149

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  1. Like, no doubt the butchers are superior quality but seriously, who eats that much fucking meat? I always see the same people inside and they’re always ordering the same pigmeat and veal. Just calm down already, Polish people. Have a fucking red pepper without a side of entrails.
    Everyone who works at the one next to the liquor shop b/w java and kent is so mean I think they enjoy the meat not for the taste but because they know something suffered for it.

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