Search Referrers of the Day is basically a quick post of whatever weird ass referral gets someone to that site. If you’ve ever checked your stats you probably get some weird ones yourself. Just today I got “Polish Girls in Brooklyn Myspace”. Not the strangest one I received but something tells me this person was looking for something a little racier than what I’m offering here… Anyway, the site is fun for a daily chuckle.

So when I spied this post I thought not much of it.

“bank robbery at hsbc in greenpoint brooklyn on march 7 2008” (3/7/08)

But turns out there was a bank robbery at the corner of Greenpoint and Manhattan Avenue on March 7th, and guess what branch lies there? Yep, HSBC.

A bandit stole nearly $5,000 from a bank at the corner of Manhattan and Greenpoint avenues on March 7.

Police say that the 6-foot-2 thief, clad in black from his baseball cap to his sneakers, approached a teller window at about 11:45 am.

Not that bank robberies are a big secret but usually you don’t hear about them for a few days, yet this search was the day of… I wonder if the thief Googled himself while he counted his $5k.

I know I probably would.


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