Here’s a seriously interesting follow-up to my previous post.

The stranger than strange small world after all previous tenant in my exact apartment has come across some seriously interesting info regarding the current America’s Next Top Model cycle (Possible SPOILER alert – do not click if you don’t want to know the possible results).

In addition to that, she’s also unearthed some info that another girl is a Brooklynite (ANTM has her hailing from New York, NY) and this one may be from or at least spent some time in Greenpoint! Claire Unabia’s MySpace page shows her from Hawaii by way of Brooklyn and in her pictures she shows “a view from Greenpoint” shot. Nice find there Stella!

I also heard a rumor that Lauren is actually living in Bed-Stuy so she’s got that real starving street cred artist thing going on now I suppose.

Lauren Utter on ANTM


Claire Unabia on ANTM

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