I try to keep up on the local peeps in the world of reality tv. Everyone knows my sister hearted Camille on Top Chef and I had a soft (brain) spot for the debutante Texan who runs the track at McCarren, but last night I think I found the ultimate Brooklynite on reality tv.

Meet Lauren Utter of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

When I saw Brooklyn, NY pop up on the screen and her mention the word ‘artist’ and I just knew this chick was living in either Williamsburg or Bushwick. It really depends just how “starving” she is. Her MySpace page just says Brooklyn, but it seems she’s a Jersey transplant. Hey, it’s better than a Texan one, no?

I am all about being Team Lauren! And hey, if that whole modeling thing don’t work out for her (I saw your runway walk, girl…) go buy some of her art.


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  1. i’m pretty sure that Claire (the super pretty one with the half-mohawk) also lives in Greenpoint. I checked her out on myspace and she has a photo of “the view from Greenpoint” plus I am CONVINCED that i have seen her around.

  2. I love Lauren, and once I discovered her art, it was Love++. I like the self portrait from her MySpace. She’s very talented! Now if she can just get comfortable walking in those heels…

    I can’t wait to see her soft and pretty Cover Girl picture. I can’t imagine somebody with that much emotion coming up with the necessary vapidness to nail that, but I have the faith!

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