I have voiced on several occasions how pissed off it makes me that the G doesn’t go where the fuck it is supposed to go. And now, it seems the MTA is going to make Court Square the end of the line for the G – permanently.

The new plan means G service in Queens will end at Court Square in Long Island City, one stop shy of a key location – Queens Plaza on the E, R and V lines. That will force riders to make an extra transfer to get access to Queens Blvd. and Forest Hills.

It’s just so fucking ridiculous to me that the G Train keeps getting shafted. Living in Greenpoint, many of us tend to go to Queens a lot more for things because it’s closer. All my life we went to the movies on Steinway, the mall at Queens Center. We never ventured into other parts of Brooklyn for much of anything.

This shit just aggravates me.

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  1. BWAH! Like you, i’m from NYC by way of LIC, Queens (I remember when PS 1 was still a high school!) so now that I’m in Greenpoint, I take the G to visit family who’s still there, right by the Qns Plaza stop, to be precise. This sux!! Guess it’s back to the B61.

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