It’s been a nice long holiday weekend here.

The office was closed on Monday and Friday we had a long office pot luck lunch. I, of course, brought the Babka. The joint on the corner of Java and Manhattan is a tiny place but the babka was absolutely divine. The office loved it and I even brought a couple to the parents – another big hit. At $4.50 each, it’s the perfect thing to bring for any host.

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family in Jersey. I lucked out with a new DVD player, a shower massager (oh yeah…), Ralph Lauren gloves, a new Michael Kors cosmetic bag and from the Stepmom a little fondue set so “the new boyfriend and I can have chocolate covered strawberries”. She’s a cougar.

Catching up on nabe news I see the Parks Department is going to be installing lighting at the McCarren Park track, the G train received a D from riders, there was a speedy recovery of the hijacked FedEx truck abandoned on India and The City is threatening eminent domain on the property planned for The Monitor Museum.

Also, it seems there is talk about the B62 route being brought back in some way by Sept 08 if the MTA gets enough moola.

Establish a new B62 service from Williamsburg to Midtown Manhattan via the Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island City waterfront to serve the growing East River waterfront in Brooklyn and Queens, with connections to the subway.

Not to mention implementing increased service on the G to operate to Court Square 24/7 in Dec 08.

Increase service frequency by 50% weekday evenings (from 12-15 minutes to 8 minutes); 20% weekday middays (from 10 minutes to 8 minutes); and 33% on weekends (8-10 minutes to 6 minutes). This increase requires operating the G to Court Square because the Queens Boulevard line does not have capacity for more G service.

You can see the proposed enhancements possible here.

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