I’m going to bitch right now about the G train.

So what’s new? Everyone bitches about the train. Everyone bitches that it never comes or that it’s too short or that it doesn’t go to Park Slope. My bitch is that it doesn’t go where it’s fucking supposed to go.

As a kid I took the G to Steinway Street to go to the movies or shopping. I also took it to the Queens Center Mall. One train. The G is supposed to go to Forest Hills. Except that it never fucking does. Sometime when I was a teenager it started the bullshit of ending at Court Square sometimes. But now it seems like that’s the end of the line for it all the time. According to the MTA the G is slated as going to Forest Hills part-time. Nights, 9pm – 5:30am, and weekends. But as we all know from the subway signs the G isn’t going to Forest Hills on the weekends “until further notice“. So now the only time you can take the G train past Court Square is weeknights past 9pm? When the mall is closed and if you catch a late movie on Steinway, you’ll have to take three fucking trains to get home. It would be quicker to walk to fucking Astoria.

What brought on this? The aggravating amount of time it took me to get to Target on Saturday. Why, oh why, do I have to to take three trains to go 6 miles? How absurd is that?

I just wish the G would go where it’s originally supposed to go. Is that so much to ask?!


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  1. Forget it, Jake, it’s the MTA.
    The same people who year after year predict deficits and wind up with surpluses.
    The same people who use the errant prediction of deficits to drive the fare up repeatedly, and who put on “public hearings” to debate the fare hike, a.k.a, the foregone conclusion, without even being required to attend those hearings.
    The same people who took the F train away from burgeoning LIC and came up with the useless V train, which doesn’t run nights or weekends, and doesn’t go anywhere anyway.
    The same people as, per your complaint, who have permanently truncated service on a line whose neighborhoods have experienced a 35% jump in population in the past ten years.
    Oh, but at least Court Square got a people mover, for when you take those 3 trains. THAT certainly makes up for all this.

  2. Don’t forget there is a target in brooklyn, right off of the fulton g stop! I find it nicer than the one in queens, too.

    Whatever target you shop at, the fact that the mta are complete whores definitely stands.

  3. Face it. Because the G is the only line not crossing into Manhattan it is neglected. Even though Greenpoint, Williamsburg, anf the whole Corral Gardens=Boerum Hill area is thriving. The MTA is blind to northern Brooklyn.

  4. I hear the G train someday will extend to Church Street (Note: Someday). My girlfriend is like I like the G train I tell her live next to it for 20 odd years and make it the only subway line within a few blocks radius, and then wonder why when I lived in Greenpoint I just walked over to hipsterville for the L.

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