There’s a new ‘Pointer in Reality TV town. Gone are the days of Paloma’s Camille on Top Chef. Enter Holly from “I Want To Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again” (no, I’m serious). A new reality TV show from CMT – Country Music Television (I swear, I really am serious.).

Well, Holly might be living in Williamsburg (the article doesn’t specify), but either way she’s working out in McCarren Park and we’re needing a new reality show ‘local’ to rep us.

Meet Holly:
Holly currently writes and produces plays for theater in New York City. A native of Marshall, Texas, this 26-year-old debutante and three-time All American, has been cheerleading since age 13. Enthusiastic and energetic for the competition, Holly has earned the nickname, “The Machine.” She hopes to get back a “rockin'” body to go with her single New York City life.

I *might* watch this just so I can be the only person in the Tri-State area to do so.


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  1. She’s a Texas debutante & a NYC playwrite? (and a trust funder no doubt)!

    No comment.


    Which luxury condo in Williamsburg is she livin’in?

  2. Oh yeah, a trust-funder no doubt at all.

    I still haven’t watched it, but I am very curious. I’m gonna have to set the tivo, I think.

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