Lots of stuff to do this weekend and it’s going to be gorgeous out to do it. This weather usually only lasts a week or two, so best to enjoy it outdoors as much as possible.

The 11th Annual Kent Street Festival is tomorrow. Where I was for the other 10 is beyond me, this is the first time I’ve heard of this. But then again in my own defense I was never one to cross Greenpoint Ave much before I moved here.

Now I am obsessed with the ‘other side’. It’s silly but I really never ventured for things after Greenpoint Avenue. But now, it’s like a whole new world has been opened up to me. I hit the hardware store on Manhattan between Dupont and Clay and the owner was so helpful and friendly that whatever I need ‘fix-it’ wise he’s the man I’m going to see. Who needs Daddy or a husband, now, huh?

All the necessities are right where I need them and is it me or is this side of the tracks way cheaper? It seems less like ripoff central – in most places. Unfortunately, the bodega owners are seriously pissing me off. In at least three bodegas I have been overcharged. I know they’re overcharging me cause they think I’m some sort of stupid ass rich bitch hipster but I’m not and everytime one of them thinks they can get away with charging me an exorbitant amount of money for something I move on to another bodega. There’s two or three on every fucking block so I pretty much can do what I please.

The one on the corner of Greenpoint and Java is the worst. It’s probably because they are situated right across the street from Brooklyn Label and their “BYOB” policy. The guy in there never quotes a price when you bring your items to the register. If you don’t know how much something is – you’re a mark. He just stands there waiting for you to fork over cash or – God forbid – ask how much. Asking only emits a once over with him silently determining exactly how much he wants to economically rape you.


I finally think I have found one I like though. The Franklin Street Corner Store. I don’t even really classify it as a bodega – the people are nice, the store is super clean and it seems ‘hipster friendly’. And since I apparently get mistaken for one I guess I should make sure I shop at one that’s not going to judge me.

Also, I spotted a hot guy in there a couple of weeks ago and, well, I’m a tart.

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  1. haven’t had a problem with that bodega. the guy usually salutes me in place of saying good bye but that’s the only weird thing i can think of.
    they have a lovely giant bodega cat, too.

    thanks for the lowdown on the street fair. sounds like fun.

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