Got an email from Diamond Dave to signup for their Shuffleboard Tourney being held in a couple of weeks. Being that I suck at Shuffleboard I’m gonna sit this out, but maybe their are some of you out there looking desperately for a shuffleboard game like I am yearning for my dart league.


-Sunday, September 30
-Sign-In at 2:00, play 3:00-8:00
-$5 entry fee
-$50, $30, & $20 bar tabs to top 3 finishers! $1 off drinks for duration of tournament for all competing players!
-SINGLES only for this tournament… doubles tournament to come later this year.

You MUST sign up by Saturday, September 22
to be included in this tournament.

To sign up, just send your name, phone, and email address to

$5 entry fee is due at the bar during sign-in on the 29

th. Also let us know if you are fairly new to the game (rating 1) or if you are a kick ass veteran (rating 2).

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