Bloody bliss
Originally uploaded by Dmitry Gudkov

Smokers unite! Greenpoint is the smokiest nabe in Brooklyn!

According to the Health Department, those crazy hipsters and the local Poles puff away like chimneys. But if you take a look at the second and third highest communities it’s East New York and Coney Island. Hmmmmm, me thinks the Gpoint locals are what put us over the top, not the cigarette rolling hipsters.

However I do like the handful of hipster bars that allow us to smoke after a certain hour… shhhh, you know who you are and we love you for it.

All of the friends I grew up with from Greenpoint still smoke. We started at puberty and didn’t stop. I bet if they did an alcoholics survey, we’d do pretty good in that one too. I don’t want to get cocky and say first place… but one can dream.

Greenpoint – Where you and all your vices can live.


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