Is it really cheesy to thank God it’s Friday? Yeah it is, but I’m thrilled this week is over. When work is slow it’s excruciating. Fantasizing about all the productive things you can accomplish in your personal life.. Cleaning, painting my new home, drinking, playing TIVO Jeopardy against Justine..oh the thoughts.

Yet, I am strapped to the desk like a refugee, because I already used all my vacation and sick days. Who does that with 5 months left in a year??!! I’m kicking myself for my truly rad first half of the year. Now I’m destined to a no Monday hangover rest of the year. I know what you’re thinking; girls born and raised in Greenpoint do not typically say “rad” but we do!

I bought my couch yesterday in Soho at Room & Board. I had my heart set on the Tuscany Teal. I get there all prepared to drop a lot of dough on my dream couch and I can’t get the damn Teal. The mill that makes there fabric has gone out business yada, yada. I’m sad. I settle for the stocked Tuscany Kiwi.

Since I didn’t get what I want, I decide dinner at Balthazar is well deserved (more money). Whenever I’m in Soho I always want to get a cheapie massage. That has all changed now that there is a cheapie massage place in Greenpoint. I was so thrilled when I walked by 655 Manhattan Avenue and saw a Qigong Tui-Na Reflexology joint. Granted I really don’t know exactly what the words Qigong Tui-Na are. I do know in my mind they translate into cheapie massage!

So after the couch buy, Balthazar and a cab ride home (a little more money). Decide I spent so much money already today why not splurge on a 30 minute $26.00 dollar massage? Senseless I know, but after 2 Stoli on the rocks with onions (yum!), somehow it just seemed right.

I totally recommend every one of the therapists there except the man. He always brushes his penis on me (This is possibly entirely in my head).

They are open 7 days a week 10:30 am to 10:30 pm.

655 Manhattan Avenue

After 10 visits, you get one free!

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