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As we know all too well from the past month, New York weather BE CRAZY. One day it feels like Spring in January and the next, we wake up only to trek through a few feet of toxic slush to a delayed train. If only there was a better way to get the weather report than sifting through an hour-by-hour forecast in a state of half sleep, trying to determine what shoes to put on…

Welcome to the world of Poncho, a personalized weather service that emails/texts you each morning with an update specifically tailored to your daily habits. It’s just like the device in Her, except instead of Scarlet Johansson whispering sweet nothings into your ear, it’s an adorable cat in a poncho telling you the weather. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Torch: A New Local Currency

I knew I chose the right place for Greenpointers’ space when I met fellow resident Mary Jeys, who told me about her Brooklyn Torch Project, which is “a local currency project aimed at providing a paper means of exchange in North Brooklyn that will circulate and support the resident community in North Brooklyn.” It’s a totally legal way to trade goods and services right here in Greenpoint, “while improving the community wealth.”

I don’t know about you, but on a daily basis I really find no need to leave Brooklyn, or Greenpoint for that matter. I can find everything I need as far as food, goods and services right here. So a regional currency makes a lot of sense.

Want to learn more?

Brooklyn Torch invites you to come by and try out using a local currency, this Saturday February 2, 2013 from 2-6pm, at Dobbin Project Space (50-52 Dobbin St)

How it works: 

• You: bring an item to sell at our appraisal table.
• We: appraise it and buy the item from you in Brooklyn Torches.
• You: buy any items from our store (including goods that other people have previously sold).
• We: Sell them to you in Brooklyn Torches, keeping a record of all transactions.

More info:

See you there!

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Brooklyn Fancy, Manhattan Casual: A NYC Fashion Phenomenon

This past Saturday I had plans to attend an art show held in a Manhattan apartment, plans that I, a municipal employee who works in a Queens office with a “bucket truck chic” dress code, tend to find myself underdressed for.  However, a combination of a successful fall shopping trip or two and a cooler-than-usual forecast after a soggy summer left me optimistic.  The preceding months have found me DOA (damp on arrival) so I was very excited to actually look as I’d intended.

Then it rained and was far too warm for the cardigan of which I was so proud anyhow, but that’s actually beside the point. Even had I been the crisp, just-hip-enough vision in denim that I had in my mind, I still would have fallen into a trap that I’ve been victim to before, one which I’m calling – and you heard it here first (if not, link me) – BFMC. Brooklyn Fancy Manhattan Casual.

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