Feed Your Baby Food from the Farm

Lauren and I go way back, like four years or something crazy like that. We met on a double date kind of thing and then I ran into her camping out at Queens County Farm (yes, Queens has a farm). It was right when I was about to launch Greenpoint Food Market and she was stoked to use it as a medium to sell her wicked boiled peanuts and bourbon pecan pies. She sold in many of the markets with her plaid tablecloth and vintage apron, and we even had a catering stint together under the moniker Three Blind Catering.

Lauren’s a tall southern hospitality guru and has since then attended French Culinary Institute, worked the grueling farm stands, tested recipes in the Saveur test kitchen and last but not least, launched a company making and delivering food for babies in the heart of Greenpoint.

Farm to Baby is the latest iteration of the current local, farm fresh, farm-to-table sustainability food movement to hit New York. Lauren takes produce from local farms and cooks up something healthful and delicious, grinds it all up, jars it in cute little mason jars, and delivers it to your baby’s mouth. Launching in North Brooklyn she’s on a mission to make it easy to choose the right food for your baby so he/she doesn’t develop mutant toes and brain dysfunctions due to pesticides and whatever weird stuff your kid will experience consuming food and culture in New York.

Read this interview with Lauren at my blog UpDownAcross, forward to your mommies and mommy-to-bes and try not steal a spoonful when the babe isn’t looking.

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DINNER FOR 2: $16, plus BEER 2

Did you feel the mini-earthquake the other day? Don’t worry, it was just our beloved Greenpointers’ writer Joann Kim of UpDownAcross paying us a visit. After living diagonally across from Winthrop Park, she had the nerve to move to Lower East Side. But she is back and bought me dinner like a good friend.

I had been craving big Polish food and nearby the Northside Bakery, Division of Old Poland Foods LLC serves order-as-you-go hearty Polish meals. I discovered the exquisiteness of their glass display and all the home cooked goodness inside when I was desperate for chicken soup.

First, perfectly seasoned chicken broth to which they add noodles, fresh parsley and carrots. And then the pierogis happened.

We went big for $16:

Joann got a gigantic roasted chicken leg, pierogis, boiled beets. I got a gigantic cabbage stuffed with chopped pork and beef, roasted red potatoes, boiled beets and red cabbage slaw.

Dessert for 2 was a cheese stuffed crepe from Polish heaven.

I grabbed the beers from the Standard. The bakery doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages. We ate everything right out of the take-out containers on my kitchen counter, but you can sit and enjoy your meal cafeteria style with an elevated view of the happenings on Nassau Ave.

190 Nassau
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