Sachal’s Slow Motion Miracles at the Living Room, 9pm on June 23

Sachal performing live © Leonardo Mascaro

Richly layered with afro-beats, jazz rhythms, pop hooks, and Sachal Vasandani’s opalescent vocal timbre, the ten anfractuous and soulful tracks of sophisti-pop on Slow Motion Miracles flow like one body of water into another.

Sachal will perform at the Living Room (134 Metropolitan Ave) on Tuesday, June 23 at 9:00pm. Continue reading

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Lindsay Makes Her Greenpoint Debut

Lindsay shops for jeans, she's just like a regular girl!

Our favorite crazy celeb, Lindsay Lohan, showed up at the BK Bazaar over the weekend for Saturday’s show, wearing what looks like knee socks and a man sweater.

The above Instagram shot was taken by Tony Chan from Refind Denim, a recently launched site that sells vintage/distressed jeans. Apparently Lindsay bought a pair for herself with the help of Rose Tran, the brand’s in-house stylist (pictured above).

We’d like to officially take credit for the Greenpoint appearance, since we posted a photo of Lindsay riding Citi Bike last week.

She also tweeted this bathroom selfie of her getting ready for the bazaar, name dropping all the designers she was wearing. SO COOL, LINDSAY! But, like whatever, she only got 64,000 likes.


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