More Swastikas Found on Newel Street

Two large swastikas were discovered painted on the sidewalk on Newel Street at Norman Avenue in Greenpoint on Monday, in an incident that has been reported to the NYPD’s 94th Precinct.

A swastika discovered on Monday on Newel Street

The two swastikas were painted in black with arrows pointing away on Newel Street. This follows a rise in hate crimes in NYC and the spread of hate graffiti in the North Brooklyn area.

Last January, a series of stickers with hate speech was discovered on McGuiness Boulevard, and a Greenpoint-based couple received a letter in the mail with a Swastika telling them to ‘die.’ In February the Chabad of Bushwick’s windows were smashed, and in March the NYPD held a community forum on hate the day after a Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster was vandalized in the Nassau Avenue subway station.    Continue reading

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Threatening Hate Speech Letter Mailed to Greenpoint Business

When Fernanda Urbide and Matteo Prodani opened their mail last night at their Manhattan Avenue apartment they were shocked to find a threatening message with hate speech misidentifying them as Jewish.

“Fuck you Jew” and “Burn in Hell Jew” were written on the folded sheet of composition paper with a large swastika in the center, signed “From Your Very Good Neighbor.”

The letter mailed was mailed to a couple on Manhattan Avenue and they opened it on Wednesday night

“I don’t know how they got the idea that we are Jewish, it’s just really weird,” said Urbide, a painter and sculptor who identifies as Mexican/Cuban American and has lived in New York for four years with her Italian husband. Continue reading

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Swastikas found on Parking Meters along Manhattan Avenue

In a chilling distillation of the rising tide of hate and extremism in American politics and public life, several parking meters along Manhattan Avenue have been defaced with hand-drawn Swastikas.

These symbols and the values they represent have no place in Greenpoint, or anywhere on Earth. Sadly, the hateful graffiti is but the latest instance of Nazi iconography in North Brooklyn. Last summer, swastikas appeared in McGolrick Park, and the community came together for an Anti-Nazi Rally.

This graffiti is one example of the ways in which the ugly core of our national discourse has emboldened groups and individuals who revel in the pain and disenfranchisement of those they hate and fear. One way to impact that national conversation, and make your voice heard amidst the chaos, is to vote. You can find your polling place here!

See you at the polls on November 6th, Greenpoint! Your voice matters.

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