A Sidewalk Sale to Benefit Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue – Tomorrow (7/19)

Local dog rescue, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, is hosting a fundraising sidewalk sale this Saturday, July 19th from 11am to 4pm outside of the Shoe Market at N. 6th St and Bedford Ave. Badass Couture will feature a curated selection of vintage and gently-used clothing, Badass merchandise, and of course adorable and adoptable doggies. All proceeds go towards the rescue, who rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in the southern U.S. and get them adopted into loving, New York homes.

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“Saving Badass Dogs From Idiot Humans” – The Most Badass Animal Rescue in Brooklyn

Of the dogs who stood in front of NYC Pet on Driggs Ave. on Saturday, a surprising number had both first and last names. There was a collie-shepherd named David Hasselhoff, a basset hound-boxer named Patrick Henry, and a Calhoun hound-pit bull named Faye Dunaway — in addition to a “super mellow” beagle mix, whose dirty blonde erudition and Germanic allure had apparently compelled a previous owner to name her Carole Lombard. Though some of the dogs were still considered puppies, most were at least twice the size of a shoebox, and all of them were hoping to find adopters, as part of the weekly-to-biweekly events organized by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

Photo © Patricia Jones

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RIP Morris The Manger Cat

Many of you might know “Morris” the orange cat who lived in the manger outside of the St. Anthony’s Church on Manhattan Ave. Reader Emily informed us sadly that poor Morris has passed away and one of his humans wrote this note for him. Even the littlest creatures touch our lives and are very important members in our community. If anyone has any photos of Morris, please email us or send them to us via Instagram @greenpointers so we can share them.

Here is the letter to Morris left near his manger:

R.I.P Morris (my name for you),

Found out today around 6pm that someone had poisoned you. I hope that’s not true. This manger was your home. Jesus was born in a manger surrounded by animals. When I first saw you here I prayed that guardian angels would take care of you. They fed you brought you water and catnip. You would come out and often you got petted; and when they walked away you wanted to follow them home. I now pray that you may be born again and live in a nice home, warm and full of love for you. 

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Donate Dog Food to Bobbi & the Strays

Here on Greenpointers we are dedicated to helping out animals and rescue organizations in need. On Easter, when I was at a guido Easter celebration with my Sicilian family in Long Island, I drove to Bobbi & The Strays to adopt this German Shepherd, Dutch. That day I learned a few things. If I eventually want my boyfriend to move in with me, then adopting a sweet but untrained horse is something WE should talk about, first. Communication is key.

And while we didn’t adopt my big boy, we did get to meet the amazing volunteers who work tirelessly to keep this no-kill shelter running. The place is great. You can feel the love. The animals are happy and well cared for.

Bobbi & the Strays is in desperate need of special pet food for their dogs and puppies who have mange. They specifically need Natural Balance Limited Ingredients, Dry & Wet food, and treats, DUCK & POTATO flavor. If anyone wants to donate food and drop it off to me in Greenpoint, I can personally (and by that I mean ask my boyfriend) to drive it out to Long Island. Or if you want to give me money, I will go and buy it on your behalf. Or you can make a donation directly to Bobbi & The Strays.

I guess I should have asked Jon about this first…

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Lost Dog: Prudence

Be on the lookout for a small, gray and black Schnauzer mixed-breed dog named Prudence. She slipped out of her harness on Friday April 13, 2012 around 10:30pm and ran north on Lorimer towards Meserole. She is friendly but scared. She has a black collar with a green tag. If you find her, or have seen her, do not hesitate to contact her owners, anytime:

Dan: 845-641-8592
Esther: 212-365-0071
Jennifer: 212-365-0071

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Happy Endings: Hank has been found!

We love happy ending at Greenpointers. Hank the cat has been found!

There is nothing more terrible than the feeling of losing a pet. If you do lose your pet, don’t hesitate to email greenpointers (at) Send me a photo and a description, where your pet was last seen and contact info. If you find a pet, let me know about that, too!

The website reaches so many people in the area, who may miss those posters you hang up on the street. And pets can travel far in a short amount of time. Perhaps all the way to Williamsburg!

The new website, which launches next week, has a special section dedicated to lost pets and rescues. Greenpointers loves animals and wants to help your find your lost pet and find homes for strays. Stay tuned and send me any tips you have.

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Not only is Pinky a 10month old adorable female kitty, she is cross-eyed and needs a home. She tested negative for felv/fiv and is spayed. She rolls on her back, loves belly rubs and will purr in your arms. How can you not adopt her? Contact Park Slope Veterinary Center at 718-369-7387 if you’re interested in Pinky.

Sent by Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital.

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Dog priest
©Warm Sleepy From Greenpointers Flickr Pool

I received this letter from Dog Habitat Rescue and think it is important to repost it in it’s entirety. If you care about animals, then read this and take action.

“Dear friends,

Tonight we write to you for a very important matter. This wednesday the AG committee members will be voting on a bill presented by the ASPCA (BILL # A05449A). Unlike what you may think, this bill is not to protect NY homeless animals but all the opposite, this bill looks to grant shelters the legal authority to refuse rescue groups for arbitrary reasons and to eliminate the holding period for any animal that enters the shelters.

Many of you know closely the work we do and how hard we fight daily to make NYC a NO Kill City. Many of you have rescued animals from us, animals that once were on a shelter kill list and if it wasn’t for the right rescue groups have to pull them they would not be alive today.

Please take a moment to read the bill. If you agree with us, that all animals deserve the right to at least be tested before being given a death sentence YOU MUST email all members of the AG committee (emails listed below) YOU MUST call their office numbers (listed below) and voice your opinion, it is the least we can do for the animals we love so much.

Sadly, this bill is expected to pass unless public opinion puts enough pressure for the assemblymen voting to stop it. Let’s appeal to the humanity on these people.
As new yorkers we can not allow this bill to pass. We are already behind other cities when it comes to animals rights. This bill will hurt and block all efforts rescue groups make daily to make NYC NO KILL.

This bill is a slap in the face to all of us who work day and night to save animals, is an insult to everyone who has ever rescued and loved an animal. This bill was presented by the ASPCA out of spite after Oreo’s law passed and publicly showed the ineffective and inhumane policies the ASPCA operates under.

We have one day to make ourselves heard. We can do this.
Please take action and encourage everyone you know to participate. The only way to stop this bill is by putting enough pressure on the politicians voting

Here is a link to a page that has a sample letter you can use and where you can learn more about the bill.

Here is the link to Assembly Member Amy Paulin who is Sponsoring this bill. Please visit her page and let her know your thoughts on this matter.

We thank you for your help.

Rob, Bea and the entire team at Dog Habitat Rescue.

[email protected][email protected]us;
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected][email protected];
[email protected]us[email protected];
[email protected]us[email protected]

Telephone numbers for AG Committee members:

William Magee, Chairman Agriculture Committee 518-455-4807
George Amedore 518-455-5197
Michael Benedetto 518-455-5296
Ken Blankenbush 518-455-5797
Harry Bronson 518-455-4527
Marc Butler 518-455-5393
Clifford Crouch 518-455-5741
Gary Finch 518-455-5878
Aileen Gunther 518-455-5355
Stephen Hawley 518-455-5811
Barbara Lifton 518-455-5444
Peter Lopez 518-455-5363
Alan Maisel 518-455-5211
Margaret Markey 518-455-4755
John McEneny 518-455-4178
Francisco Moya 518-455-4567
Bob Reilly 518-455-5931
José Rivera 518-455-5414
Peter Rivera 518-455-5102
Linda Rosenthal 518-455-5802
Addie Russell 518-455-5545
Michael Simanowitz 518-455-4404

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