Bird of Paradise: Lee O’Connor Photography

Birds of Paradise Series © Lee O'Connor

Lee O’Connor is pretty dope. Her photography chronicles a myriad, multi-layered look at women. The gaze is deep, with a attention to the complicated intricacies of identity, along with influences from high fashion and street culture.

Lee launched an indiegogo campaign to fund her latest project: a book, Birds of Paradise. In the description, she states: “This is a 64 page, softcover book, with 30 of my favorite portraits that I’ve taken since I began the series. This project is very close to my heart, and I’m really excited to share these images with the world.” With such beautiful and breathtaking photography, it’s a book that needs to be made. The campaign ends on 4/18.

I spoke with Lee about her impressive work, creating art, and living in Greenpoint.
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So New York Portraits of The Bronx’s Orchard Beach by Photographer Wayne Lawrence

I flipped when I saw these “so new york!” portraits from photographer Wayne Lawrence of Orchard Beach AKA The Bronx Riviera via Tree House Brooklyn’s Facebook.

Originally posted on Agnostica:

Wayne Lawrence is a St.Kitts born documentary fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. His work represents a visual diary of his life’s journey and focuses on his relationship to communities otherwise overlooked by mainstream media.

See the rest of these awesome portraits.

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Portait Week #2: Dishan Elise

© 2013 Jennifer Galatioto

I decided to include Dishan in the weekly portrait series, first because she is gorgeous and a real character, but also because she is part of my weekly butt kicking series at her business [email protected], where she trains me. I asked Dishan a few questions:

Why GP?

I fell in love with GP about 5 years ago and I knew I wanted to open my business here. There is such an awesome sense of community. You have this amazing blend of people that gives GP that trendy feel but still with some original NY attitude.

Where do you get your daily coffee?

I usually make my own in my french press … but if I don’t, I usually order from 5 Leaves or Lokal. They are the close by.

Favorite Junkfood?

I am a sucker for anything with almond paste.

What is your favorite exercise?

That would have to be the deadlift using a trap bar. Sometimes my workout consists of just that one exercise and I am fried! I understand many of your readers don’t know what this exercise is, but believe me when I tell you, you can get an amazing full body workout in under 7 minutes with just this ONE exercise!! No joke.

Favorite place in GP?

Hmmm, this is a tough one! There are so many great places in GP and all the local businesses take such pride in their establishments and do their best to make you feel so welcome! I really couldn’t pick just one. But if I was forced to choose, I love being here at my own business in GP because it’s such a stress-free environment and I get to make others feel welcome.

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Did you all know that I am a professional freakin’ photographer? I want to feature a weekly portrait of a Greenpointer, taken either at the new space on Dobbin or on location.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you live, work, have lived, love Greenpoint and are interested in sitting for a quick portrait session, then email me a photo of you and a short description of who you are to greenpointers (at) gmail.com.

Doesn’t this old man rule? Look at that face! I met him at the McCarren Park Pool this summer. He was born on “this side” of McGuinness and told me he fell into the Newtown Creek when he was a kid – and lived to tell about it!

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I know you have the cutest pup in the dog run! Well show off his good looks and get a Free Pet Portrait at the McGolrick Park Farmers Market on August 26, 2012 from noon-6pm. Talented photographer Nicolas Maloof will be photographing your pet. Later that week, download a hi-res portrait! All for free! Plus, your pet might be featured on Greenpointers.com and Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital’s websites! Free pet treats, too! See you there!

RSVP on Facebook

Brought to you by Greenpointers.com, Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital & Community Markets!

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Spot Dogs NYC – Greenpoint Edition

Spotdogsnyc.com is a “pet project” I’ve kept for the past 4 years or so.

Here is the premise:

  1. Spot a dog on the street
  2. Take a photo

I think I started it before I was comfortable approaching people for photos of themselves. Anyways, here are a few from the hood:

This is my sister's dog, Gizmo
Elvis in McCarren Park
Pug on Manhattan Ave
Two HUGE dogs on Huron

I’ll probably be making a spot dogs post here once every few weeks, but if you want to see more, follow the tumblr blog here: http://www.spotdogsnyc.com.

Also, if you’re interested in having your portrait taken with your dog (or without), contact me at [email protected]


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Portraits at Brouwerij Lane

Hello Greenpoint.  I’m Will Star, local photographer, and one of the newest contributor to The Greenpointers.  I’ll be posting photography from the neighborhood regularly and building out some projects I’ve been working on for the past few years.  You can expect posed and candid street portraits regularly, interview projects, and snippets of Greenpoint life through my lens.  I like to use a variety of cameras and formats, shooting mostly film, but you might catch the occasional digital photo snuck in here too (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

This set of images feature the dudes who work at Brouwerij Lane (pronounced: Brow-er-ee Lane).  They all really know their stuff about the different types of beer they carry and can help you identify what you’re into.

Now, I like shooting here for three main reasons:

  1. The window light is fantastic.
  2. The people are cool (staff & patrons).
  3. They have beer.

And lastly, I have a photo of our fearless leader, Jen G, from the first day I met her.  One of my favorite portraits from this spot. (note: she does not work at Brouwerij Lane)

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I look forward to contributing on a weekly basis.

You can see more of my street photography at:

Thank you!

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Last Saturday the Brooklyn Diggers held a fun and educational event in Winthrop Park to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the U.S.S. Monitor, built in Greenpoint, during the Civil War. Awesome Greenpoint photographer Emily Raw set up a daguerrotype photo booth. Subjects got dressed up and posed for a few moments, but when these kinds of photographs were taken back then, the long exposures lasted for many minutes. To keep subjects still, Emily explained, their necks were held in place by a metal brace. That sounds delightful! Emily left the brace at home that day, unfortunately. There are a lot more from this awesome set here. More about the Brooklyn Diggers here. Emily Raw’s website.

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Sunday (Evening) Snaps: Will Star

Almost every Sunday I include a photograph from Greenpoint photographer Will Star, so this evening I dedicate this post to him as a thanks for contributing to Greenpointers Flickr pool. Check out Will Star’s Flickr  page  and his website Will Star Photography for more awesome photos. He shoots three of my favorite things, old men, cats and barbie dolls.

If you nerd out on camera’s, check out the set of  Will’s camera collection.

Easter Green
Will Star Photography


Calico Cat Crate

Barbie Pile
Will Star Photography

Falling Skies

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