By Will Star

Street Photography: Spot Cats!?

Regular readers of Greenpointers have seen Spot Dogs NYC a few weeks back, but let it be known I’m an equal opportunity photographer. This particular post features the cats we see on the streets of Greenpoint.I don't always photograph cats...

Kitty Hideout

The White Kitty

Thank everyone who came to the opening reception for my photography show at Brouwerij Lane, which will be up until April 22. All of the photos in the show were shot in Greenpoint, on black and white film with compact cameras in the later half of 2010.

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Street Photography: Give Me a Sign

The majority of these photographs are from the last roll of HP5 I shot over the past two weeks.  Here I present a collection of signs that caught my eye.

Live Poultry Laughter
Live Poultry Laughter
Matthew Benedict painting the Brooklyn Safehouse window
Matthew Benedict painting the Brooklyn Safehouse window
Zombie Karate School
Zombie Karate School
No Sale
No Sale

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Spot Dogs NYC – Greenpoint Edition is a “pet project” I’ve kept for the past 4 years or so.

Here is the premise:

  1. Spot a dog on the street
  2. Take a photo

I think I started it before I was comfortable approaching people for photos of themselves. Anyways, here are a few from the hood:

This is my sister's dog, Gizmo
Elvis in McCarren Park
Pug on Manhattan Ave
Two HUGE dogs on Huron

I’ll probably be making a spot dogs post here once every few weeks, but if you want to see more, follow the tumblr blog here:

Also, if you’re interested in having your portrait taken with your dog (or without), contact me at [email protected]


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Portraits at Brouwerij Lane

Hello Greenpoint.  I’m Will Star, local photographer, and one of the newest contributor to The Greenpointers.  I’ll be posting photography from the neighborhood regularly and building out some projects I’ve been working on for the past few years.  You can expect posed and candid street portraits regularly, interview projects, and snippets of Greenpoint life through my lens.  I like to use a variety of cameras and formats, shooting mostly film, but you might catch the occasional digital photo snuck in here too (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

This set of images feature the dudes who work at Brouwerij Lane (pronounced: Brow-er-ee Lane).  They all really know their stuff about the different types of beer they carry and can help you identify what you’re into.

Now, I like shooting here for three main reasons:

  1. The window light is fantastic.
  2. The people are cool (staff & patrons).
  3. They have beer.

And lastly, I have a photo of our fearless leader, Jen G, from the first day I met her.  One of my favorite portraits from this spot. (note: she does not work at Brouwerij Lane)

I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I look forward to contributing on a weekly basis.

You can see more of my street photography at:

Thank you!

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