A New Perspective on Art in Greenpoint with Local Artist Eleanor Curran

Eleanor Curran and Paul Kang at Imagic on Manhattan Ave

With an influx of second wave of blockbuster artists ( M. D. Jackson and the like ) on the heels of first wave young hip artists, it’s easy to forget that there have been local people making work in the neighborhood since well before the first plaid clad types ventured in to a then “scary” area.

Eleanor Curran grew up in Greenpoint “when there was only one Chinese restaurant.” The lively Mrs. Curran grew up on Eckford St before moving to a house on Leonard St that still connected with her Dad’s old house.

“There was always the question of whether I lived in his backyard, or he in mine!” Continue reading

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I love the phrase, “we are going to get some weather,” as if we don’t have weather when it’s nice out. Well we have been getting some major weather and some spectacular skies in Greenpoint. Here are a few shots from our Instagram buddies – @kim_nowacki, @skellynyc & @thecityandtheocean.  If you’re on Instagram, share your photos by tagging them #greenpointers.

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Sunday Snaps: East River View

People are truly fascinated with water. As Greenpointers we have great views of the East River. Here are a  few shots with smoke stacks in the background.
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© Gina Herold
© Katerina Tassiopoulos
© Edwin Schrijvers
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