L Train Closure

No Overnight L Train Service Starting Tonight Through 10/6

Courtesy of MTA

The L train will not be in service between Lorimer Street and Broadway Junction in Brooklyn from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting tonight (9/23) through 10/6, the MTA announced.

Service will also be disrupted overnight on one weekend in October and during all weekends in January, according to the MTA’s L Project Weekly newsletter: Continue reading

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Essay: Gee vs. Elle, A Tale of Two Subways

Gee’s been in her older sister’s shadow for a while. Like, since 1933. She heard legend of Elle’s flapper-filled carts and smooth shuttling of partiers from soirée to soirée, borough to borough, without ever so much as rattling their champagne, which they could drink whilst riding cause Elle was a “cool train.”

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