Something’s Brewing On Ainslie Street at Kettl Tea

Zach Mangan preparing tea at Kettl’s shop. Photo by Aya Shogaki.

Kettl has been offering a wide variety of Japanese-sourced teas to customers around the globe since 2013. This leading purveyor of teas and ceramics has been offering North Brooklyn residents and visitors the experience of modern tea culture at its year-old outpost in Williamsburg. If you follow the narrow stairway above the Japanese restaurant Okonomi (150 Ainslie Street), you’ll find their small brick-and-mortar shop.

“Being above Okonomi is wonderful because they have such a strong pull of customers coming daily,” says Zach Mangan, the owner of Kettl. “People will often see the sign for Kettl and come upstairs. The brands are very alignedif you enjoy traditional Japanese breakfast and ramen, you are likely going to be interested in the ceramics and the tea at Kettl.

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