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WORK IT BK @ [email protected] 4/18

We’ve all been there, working away for hours, focused on only the task at hand – maybe staring at a computer screen as we write, maybe it’s hours bent over jewelry wire, or time spent standing in front of a canvas. And then we look up and realize it’s 4PM and all we’ve eaten all day was that bagel with our morning coffee. That we’ve been in the same position for hours.

Friends, this is no way for a creative entrepreneur to live!

Whether you freelance, working from home or coffee shops for multiple clients, or are starting your own business, like so many of the members of Work It Brooklyn, you’re spending a lot of time focused on the business you’re trying to grow. But how much time are you spending focused on yourself?

Our next event, April 18th from 7 to 9PM and graciously hosted by our friends at Human At Ease in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,  is centered on how to stay healthy and well while you are focused on growing your business, and the best way to make all the parts of your life balance while you are doing this.

We’ll have a discussion, led by our own Aja Marsh, of North Brooklyn Runners, and with panelists includingDishan Elise, a certified personal trainer and the founder/owner of Human At Ease, and Kim Ann Curtin, a life coach who is founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach.

Whether you’re working on starting your own business, freelancing from the cramped confines of your studio apartment, or a member of our community with a focus on food, health and wellness, this event will provide answers to achieving a better, healthier, life balance.

Don’t worry – we’ll also have our signature speed-networking!

About our Host: Human at Ease is a fitness and wellness studio whose goal and desire in strengthening the “whole” person is to facilitate an overall sense of well-being & fulfillment, and to improve overall quality of life using one or more of our various offerings. Their objective is for the community to recognize [email protected]’s name for what it is- a haven for strength & serenity. A place where we can all learn to “Love Ourselves”.  At [email protected] we all share in a common vision of positive human change.

Buy Tickets Here

Sponsored post courtesy of Work It Brooklyn.

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Feed Your Baby Food from the Farm

Lauren and I go way back, like four years or something crazy like that. We met on a double date kind of thing and then I ran into her camping out at Queens County Farm (yes, Queens has a farm). It was right when I was about to launch Greenpoint Food Market and she was stoked to use it as a medium to sell her wicked boiled peanuts and bourbon pecan pies. She sold in many of the markets with her plaid tablecloth and vintage apron, and we even had a catering stint together under the moniker Three Blind Catering.

Lauren’s a tall southern hospitality guru and has since then attended French Culinary Institute, worked the grueling farm stands, tested recipes in the Saveur test kitchen and last but not least, launched a company making and delivering food for babies in the heart of Greenpoint.

Farm to Baby is the latest iteration of the current local, farm fresh, farm-to-table sustainability food movement to hit New York. Lauren takes produce from local farms and cooks up something healthful and delicious, grinds it all up, jars it in cute little mason jars, and delivers it to your baby’s mouth. Launching in North Brooklyn she’s on a mission to make it easy to choose the right food for your baby so he/she doesn’t develop mutant toes and brain dysfunctions due to pesticides and whatever weird stuff your kid will experience consuming food and culture in New York.

Read this interview with Lauren at my blog UpDownAcross, forward to your mommies and mommy-to-bes and try not steal a spoonful when the babe isn’t looking.

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On a late Spring morning, I walked over to the waterfront to observe a community “meeting” about the much anticipated Brooklyn Night Bazaare. I had found out about the project via Greenpointers before I was on board. What could have been an informative discussion turned into a one-sided attack on founder Aaron Broudo, who, while maintaining a patient and professional demeanor (he’s really a sweetheart) could not get a word in edge-wise. I remember my utter pity for him and disappointment in the neighborhood. Maybe the bazaare in it’s initial presentation wasn’t a good fit, with late night music very close to a residential block, (the same location and scale as the highly successful Bring to Light). Public urination was a big concern. But to let the man speak and be open to compromise might have brought an amazing event to Greenpoint, not to mention clean up the overgrown and littered West St, even for one night.
I didn’t blame Aaron when he decided not to fight the “not in my backyard” pitch-fork mob and find a welcoming location at the Dekalb Market. The first market there was a huge success with great bands and over 5000 attendees. Greenpointers is excited that the second night bazaar which begins tonight through this weekend, is close to home, down Kent Ave in a 40,000 square foot warehouse space, with over 100 vendors (lots from Greenpoint) and a great music line-up. And we are proud that our beloved writer Joann Kim is co-producing the event.
Aaron was inspired by night markets when he traveled across South East Asia and wanted to bring it home to Brooklyn. The mash-up of local vendors and great music, was for producer Belvy a “no brainer.”
On the music line-up Belvy says: “The Hold Steady are for my money the best rock n’ roll band to come out of the city in ages. I think Craig Finn is an amazing songwriter – part Bob Mould, part Springsteen, part Joe Strummer … I’m an old school punk/hardcore kid; how could I not dig Fucked Up? But I really like all the new directions they take punk or hardcore or whatever the hell the kids are calling it these days. And what can you say about James Murphy? What he and DFA did to revolutionize dance music can’t be overstated.”
The full lineups are on the site.
And of course, our Joann, founder of the much missed Greenpoint Food Market hand-picked the vendors, which she seems to seamlessly pluck out her magic little hat. The goal of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar is as Joann puts it to “to support small businesses, providing a platform for artists, food artisans, chefs, crafters, designers, and the like to share and sell their wares. Our job is to create an environment that welcomes collaboration, communication, and commerce.” Well put, my friend.
Of the vendors, many Greenpoint businesses and artists will be representing, like Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, Vintage Modern, Eagle St Rooftop Farms and artist Emily Noelle Lambert, to name a few.
Ken Farmer of NBNY Projects, who produced Bring to Light will be programming the films, projects and art installations and the not to be missed interior is designed by Julien DeSmedt Architects.
Aside from the fantastic food options, there will be a beer and wine garden to boot.
I’ll be there tonight, hoping to get all of my holiday shopping and eating done. And don’t worry the nomadic Brooklyn Night Bazaar crew is totally open to the idea of having a future night market in Greenpoint. That is if we don’t scare them away again!

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DINNER FOR 2: $16, plus BEER 2

Did you feel the mini-earthquake the other day? Don’t worry, it was just our beloved Greenpointers’ writer Joann Kim of UpDownAcross paying us a visit. After living diagonally across from Winthrop Park, she had the nerve to move to Lower East Side. But she is back and bought me dinner like a good friend.

I had been craving big Polish food and nearby the Northside Bakery, Division of Old Poland Foods LLC serves order-as-you-go hearty Polish meals. I discovered the exquisiteness of their glass display and all the home cooked goodness inside when I was desperate for chicken soup.

First, perfectly seasoned chicken broth to which they add noodles, fresh parsley and carrots. And then the pierogis happened.

We went big for $16:

Joann got a gigantic roasted chicken leg, pierogis, boiled beets. I got a gigantic cabbage stuffed with chopped pork and beef, roasted red potatoes, boiled beets and red cabbage slaw.

Dessert for 2 was a cheese stuffed crepe from Polish heaven.

I grabbed the beers from the Standard. The bakery doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages. We ate everything right out of the take-out containers on my kitchen counter, but you can sit and enjoy your meal cafeteria style with an elevated view of the happenings on Nassau Ave.

190 Nassau
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