Ask a Therapist: First Edition

The older I get, the more I realize one universal truth: we all have issues.  And while some of us are lucky enough to work them out through therapy, others never get the chance, for reasons ranging from the stigma surrounding mental health in America to the high cost of counseling (without insurance, therapy can range anywhere from $150-$300 per session).

But, don’t get too bummed out because starting now, Daniel Selling, founder of Williamsburg Therapy Group, is here to answer all of your deepest, darkest, and most profound life questions.

So, ask away Greenpoint!  Dump your problems here and Daniel will drop some words of wisdom that are sure to lay those winter blues to rest.

Read our debut advice from Daniel after the jump: Continue reading

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I Like Lincoln Restler: Campaign Launch Party Tonight!

Lincoln Restler is a great guy and good for Greenpoint. He has been supportive of Greenpointers, attends our events, supports the Greenpoint Church Soup Kitchen, helped with the Java Street Garden, wants to save the G train line extension and overall is great at getting community members involved!

Join him and his supporters tonight, 5/3/12 from 6-8:30pm at Brooklyn Winery (213 No. 8th St) to kick-off his campaign. Support here.

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