Precious Ooze: Internet Recap (mid-April Edition)

This article made possible by a donation to our Writer’s Fund by Anonymous.

Internet trends come and go and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss out on some interesting social science that happens right before your eyes. If we had this amazing communication tool one hundred years ago, those 20 year art movements like Cubism, Futurism and Constructivism would have happened much faster. Every few weeks, I will try to break down the micro-trends and world wide fads that sometimes make surfing the net more fun than interacting with actual people.

Photo-taking trends come and go on the Internet. There was Horsemanning, Owling and eventually, the longer lived Planking, but that was last year. This year comes a whole new breed of micro-trends, often coming from the original land of absurdity, Japan,  such as Dragonballing: schoolgirls have been staging fake energy sphere attacks (known as the “Kamehameha“) made popular in the manga and anime series, Dragon Ball.


And also a photo trend that features teens appearing to play Quidditch, a fictional sport from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe played on broomsticks.


And finally, originating from this side of the Pacific: Vadering, where users appear to show an individual using Darth Vader’s signature Force Choke to raise another person off the ground.

Waspy Vodka

But speaking of Japan, some other choice nuggets to be found this week includes making wasp shouchuu, an alcohol like Vodka  with fermented giant wasps.  The whole process takes three years and it’s maker says that its properties create “beautiful skin, recovery from fatigue, and the prevention of ‘lifestyle disease'”. Uh huh.  And have we mentioned Japan’s love for Ray Charles in animatronic form? Continue reading

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The Hook-Up 8/18

Sistine Floor © Brooklyn Imbecile

• Brooklyn Imbecile: Sistine Floor

• Daily News: NYPD big sued for raiding B’klyn pub & dumping its booze

• Eater NY: Tom Mylan on the Hellish Opening of The Meat Hook

• DNA Info: City Attempts to Develop Long-Stalled Greenpoint Park

• Queens NYC: Look for the floating beer garden in LIC, Summer 2013

• New York Shitty: Day Starter: 400 McGuinness Is Open For Business

• BK Magazine: Portraits of the Real McCarren Park Pool

• Animal: Who’s got the best doughnuts in New York?

• Brooklyn Paper: Flea off the market! Home of W’burg bazaar sold for $18 million

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The Hook-Up 7/11

Illustration © Gothamist

Poopy Hudson River Threatens NYC’s First Ever Ironman : Gothamist

• Kickstarter Is Moving to Landmarked Factory in Greenpoint : Brownstoner

• Instead of Industrial Giants, Brooklyn Has Niche Factories : NYTimes

• Enter Biographile’s Short Memoir Contest – Win Julia Child Gift Package!

• Former Northern Spy Chef Nathan Foot Lands at Calyer : EaterNY

• People Eating Less of that Nasty Meat : Gawker

• Slice of History: First Pizza Museum to Open in Philadelphia :

• Guide To Greenpoint: Top Reasons To Visit Brooklyn :  Guest of a Guest

• Top Reasons to Visit Greenpoint, Brooklyn: Excluding the Polish of course : Die Hipster

• Creative Craftsmanship: Forging Synergies in Art and Hardware : HuffPost

Barter Books for a Tab at Bushwick’s First Book Store : Brokleyn

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The Hook-Up 8/4

• EDIBLE GLIMPSES: The Alcohol Issue

• Best Places to Go Boating on New York’s Waterways –

• Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches And 4 Other Ways To Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich Day

• Best Trivia Nights in New York City – New York

• xoJane – Will My Student Loans Keep Me From Ever Finding Love?

• Free and cheap ways to get smarter online, one-off videos to 12-week intensives

• Brooklyn Based: It’s Not Easy Getting Green, Brooklyn’s Biggest Park Advocates

• WNYC Is Exhibiting The City’s Abandoned Bikes

• Bushwick Daily: Molasses Books: Bushwick Finally Gets a Bookstore

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The Hook-Up 6/23

Rebecca Jackson

• Rebecca Jackson of I Love Greenpoint writes for Forbes: Five Things I’ve Learned Since Leaving Wall St. for Startups

Greenpoint Gazette: McGolrick Park Schools Alliance Art Show

eSpresso Book Machine


eSPRESSO BOOK MACHINE® comes to Brooklyn Public Library

The Fixer Collective

NYCGO: Must See Greenpoint

Photo: Matthew Leifheit


• The L Magazine: The Brooklyn Food Power Ranking

Brooklyn Vegan: Sleigh Bells, The Kills and more are playing free shows in Hudson River Park; new Fleetwood Mac tribute LP on the way

Brokelyn: Miss Brooklyn loses weight, wins Miss New York

NY Times: Mitch Waxman, Tour Guide to Decay

NYMag: Seams Iffy

ArtInfo: Nail Art

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Greenpointers On Strike

Why is the internet on strike today?

We like a good fight and we don’t like anyone telling us what to do, especially online. Greenpointers is opposed internet censorship. We stand in solidarity against two bills SOPA & PIPA, along with many internet companies that Greenpointers uses daily: Google, Facebook, Dreamhost, Paypal, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and Wikipedia, to name a few. If you are wondering why many of the websites you use will be blacked out in strike today, click here.

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