Hurricane Irene

In conversation with painter David Ellis

David Ellis by Cirian Christie ©

On the nippy day in January that I meet David Ellis outside of his Calyer & Diamond Street studio, men are unloading boxes into the ground level space of the three story warehouse. His studio is somewhere inside this massive complex with dusty, grey, winding hallways that faces Key Food. “I remember that this building looked derelict from the outside for most of the ’90s,” I tell David as he’s leading me into the belly of the beast. GHC Furniture and Futon Factory Outlet still have storefronts here, but most of the other space inside, David explains, now has been carved out into artist studios. “Photographers, sculptures, musicians,” he lists, as we walk past doorway after doorway on the third floor. Eventually, we reach a dead-end, where a door has been left ajar. David pushes it open. Continue reading

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Irene Flooding

Hope everyone is preparing for the big hurricane coming our way this weekend. Thought I’d post a map of the Greenpoint evacuation zones for a Category 2 storm like Irene, as it’s been difficult getting on the website due to all of the traffic. Make sure you have 5 days of food, plenty of bottled water, a battery powered radio, and a flash light or two in case we lose power for a few days.¬†Stay Safe!

Map courtesy of The NYC Office of Emergency Management

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