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New Vendors, Compost Drop-Off Begins and Recipe from McGolrick Park Farmers Market

(Sponsored) Dear Greenpointers,

First and foremost, on behalf of Down to Earth Markets, the crew behind your Sunday farmers market at McGolrick Park: Thank you! This market keeps growing and it’s because of your enthusiastic support. Every week, you come out to the corner of Russell Street and Nassau Avenue and buy fresh from the farmers, as well as the makers of breads, pies, popsicles, pickles, tempeh, and charcuterie, locally-roasted nuts and coffees, and more.

This market also features delicious fish and pasture-raised meat and poultry. In the past few weeks, we’ve added three wonderful new vendors: Sohha Yogurt, MoMo Dressings, and Vulto Creamery.

Momo Dressings was founded by newlyweds who have also teamed up to create a line of Japanese-influenced dressings and spreads, including edamame hummus.

Sohha Yogurt makes savory yogurt and sources their milk from Hudson Valley dairies. The company’s founder, Angela Fout, is from Lebanon, and the word Sohha means “health” in Arabic.

Vulto Creamery is the newest addition to the market and he brings much-solicited cheese to your weekly neighborhood market.


Compost drop-off at the farmers market has started! We now collect household compost every Sunday from 11 am-1 pm.

Yet we still need your help to assure this site is a huge success:

We are seeking volunteers to help monitor the drop-off site during weekly open hours, 11am-1pm. If you’d like to volunteer for a quick and easy shift at the composting bin, please tell the market manager. She will connect you with our partner in this project, BIG! Compost.


And last but not least, August brings in the best of summer: the tomato harvest!

This Sunday, August 25th, from 11 am to 1pm, join us for the Annual Tomato Tasting. Stop by the market manager’s tent and sample bites of all the tomatoes available at the market. (See this photo of heirlooms by Great Road Farm to get tempted…)

Last year during the Tomato Tasting at the McGolrick market, an older gentleman shopper come by to sample. He tried a tomato, relished it, and said, “This is what tomatoes tasted like when I was a boy.” For those of us who grew up on the tomato varieties best groomed for shipping, the taste of a true tomato will be a revelation for us, too.

For a simple way to enjoy this fresh taste, we turn to local food maven, Deborah Madison, and her book Vegetable Literacy. In it, she writes, “Tomatoes’ short and sweet season is a time for heady indulgence. Experience the real thing and going back to anything less becomes unthinkable.” AGREED. To enjoy “the real thing,” we recommend stopping by the market this weekend for the FREE tomato tasting. And to try Deborah Madison’s simple recipe below – enjoy!

A Fresh Tomato Relish

Even with a few tomatoes, you can make a relish to spoon over something when a fresh accent is appreciated. For example, you can spoon this over the ricotta that covers griddled eggplant rounds, over toast, or toss them with spaghetti for a room temperature pasta.

1 large shallot, finely diced
Vinegar, such as a good quality balsamic, aged sherry vinegar, or a Cabernet or Merlot varietal
2 pint various mixed fruit tomatoes, such as Sweet 100s, red and golden currant tomatoes, Sun Golds, pear, Jaune Flamme, black cherries, etc.
Your favorite olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Cover the diced shallot with a few teaspoons of vinegar to moisten well. Set them aside to mascerate while you cut the tomatoes into halves and quarters. Leave very tiny ones whole.

Add the shallot and its juices; pour enough olive oil to moisten well, then season with a pinch or two of salt and some freshly ground pepper. Gently turn the tomatoes into the oil and vinegar. Taste one for salt. If you’re not planning to use them right away, don’t salt them until the last minute, as the salt will draw out their liquid.

Sponsored Post Courtesy of Down To Earth Markets.

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McGolrick Park Down To Earth Farmers Market is EBT Available This Weekend! (6/9)

There’s a simple phrase that means a lot to many people: E.B.T. Available. For people at Down to Earth Farmers Markets, it means that there is an Electronic Benefits Terminal available to process Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for the purchase of fresh, local food.

As of Sunday, June 9th, McGolrick Park’s Down to Earth Farmers Market will have E.B.T. available. (Cooper Park’s Down to Earth Farmers Market in East Williamsburg already does!)

“It takes a little behind the scenes effort to implement the electronic benefit terminals, such as filing paperwork with the state and training the market managers, but it’s work we are happy to complete,” said Frankie Rowland of Down to Earth Markets. “Our vendors also jump in to help out with some of the cost and administration of running the program. It’s a community effort to broaden the local food community!”

Also, beginning in July, the NYC Department of Health offers a $2 coupon for every $5 of SNAP benefits spent at one of our EBT markets. Please visit the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene at to learn more about this program.

And the farmers market continues to expand! At McGolrick Park, we now have FOUR local farms with amazing produce: Alex’s Tomato Farm, Great Road Farm, Garden of Eve, and Brooklyn Grange. They are all small-scale farms bringing seasonal fruits and vegetables, grown with care for the environment.

In addition to the growers, we now have fresh fish from American Pride Seafood, homemade tempeh from Grown in Brooklyn, pasture-raised poultry and meats from Stone & Thistle, and expert charcuterie from Brooklyn Cured. This market also has Horman’s Best Pickles (and we all know Nick named his company RIGHT), incredible breads from Orwashers, the best seasonal pies ever from Pie & Lady & Son, and locally-roasted nuts, nut butters, granola, and more from Tierra Farm.

AND have you visited the newest market vendor: La Newyorkina? She makes Mexican-style ice pops and frozen treats that are the perfect respite from the summer heat.

Want to help us get a compost drop-off site up and running at the McGolrick market? Stop by and talk to the market manager, Ellie, this Sunday. She’s taking down names of volunteers to create a compost program. The shifts would be only two hours long, every few weeks. (The more volunteers, the more weeks between the shifts.) We’ve been working with the wonderful ladies at BIG! Compost in Astoria to make this possibility. BIG! Compost will train all volunteers in one easy session. We hope to get this going as soon as this month. Join us.

McGolrick Park Market: every Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm, at the corner of Nassau Avenue and Russell Street.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers market!

Sponsored post courtesy of Down to Earth Markets.

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McGolrick Park Farmers Market Mania!

Look at all the goodness I picked up at the first ever McGolrick Park Farmers Market yesterday! It’s going to be a good week in my kitchen.

If you missed it, it’s every Sunday from 11am-4pm until November on Russell St between Driggs and Nassau. And if you are closer to Cooper Park, there is one there, too!

“I am so excited about this,”  I overheard a Greenpointer say as she examined the gorgeous bounty. Everyone was buzzing about, finding fresh local treasures.

Joe Lentol & his wife

While the sidewalk on Russell St proved to be a little cramped, it was a great day to bump into neighbors, like artist/terrarium teacher Claire TypaldosLincoln Restler, and Joe Lentol and his wife, who live right on Russell St.

Lauren, of Farm to Baby, was hard at work picking up fresh local veggies for her baby food, which she will deliver right to your door.

Lauren Utvich

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First McGolrick Park Farmer’s Market – This Sunday, June 3rd!

I am not going out of town this weekend (even though I need to get out of this sweaty city!) so I can be here for this awesome day, the first day of the first season of the McGolrick Park Farmers Market. And it’s every Sunday until November! I feel so lucky that I can walk around the corner from my home and find fresh local fruits and vegetables, and lots of other delicious goodies. Greenpoint just got awesomer. Check out the vendor list, here. See you there!

McGolrick Park Farmers Market
Sundays 11am-4pm
Russell St Between Driggs & Nassau

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Sometimes this gig makes me feel like a real journalist. Nicole Reed, our McGolrick Park Farmers Market hero, sent me an email that started out with, “K, you’re our VERY FIRST member of the press to get this info!” (I don’t think people in the press use quite so many exclamation points)
Well, It’s happening! Next weekend, take a stroll to McGolrick Park on Sunday, June 3rd for the very first Farmer’s Market which will be on Russell St. There are pies! If you’re closer to Cooper Park, there will be a Farmers Market there, too. I don’t know about you but I am going to double fist.

McGolrick Park Farmers Market

When: Begins Sunday, June 3rd, and runs every Sunday through November 18th, 2012, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Along the sidewalk on Russell Street, off of Nassau Avenue (Street Address: 130 Russell Street)

Who: The vendors for the inaugural 2012 season: Feather Ridge FarmBrooklyn CuredThe Amazing Real Live Food Company, J. Glebocki Farms, Horman’s Best PicklesOrwashers BakeryBrooklyn GrangeGarden of Eve Farm, BeePharm, Tierra FarmMortgage Apple CakesAnarchy in a JarNew ConfectionerGreat Road FarmPie Lady & Son, and Valley Shepherd Creamery

Cooper Park Farmers Market

When: Begins Sunday, June 3rd, and runs every Sunday through November 18th, 2012, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Where: Along the sidewalk on Maspeth Avenue at Olive Street (Street Address: 114 Maspeth Ave)

Who: The vendors for the inaugural 2012 season: The Amazing Real Live Food Company, J. Glebocki Farms,Horman’s Best Pickles, Alex’s Tomato Farm, Tierra FarmAnarchy in a JarMigliorelli Farm, and Wave Hill Breads.

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It’s Happening! Farmer’s Market in McGolrick Park

I was so delighted when I got this great news from Nicole Reed, the hero who is behind starting the petition to get a green market in McGolrick Park!

“Hi Jen: I’m happy to report that Community Markets has confirmed the farmers market at McGolrick Park will open on June 3rd! As of then, it will run every Sunday, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm, through November 18th, 2012. We are confirming vendors as I write this, and so far we’re lining up a wide variety of local produce, cheeses, meats, pickles, honey, breads and baked goods. The vendors will set up along the Russell Street sidewalk, with ample space for everybody, between Driggs and Nassau Avenues.

Community Markets wishes to thank everyone who encouraged this market by signing the petition of support. We also thank the Community Board 1, Stephanie Thayer of the Open Space Alliance, District Leader Lincoln Restler, Reverend Griffin Thomas of The Lutheran Church of the Messiah, and the Friends of McGolrick Park. This market is happening due to their community advocacy — and the vocal support of many others. We’re thrilled to bring fresh foods from regional farmers and artisanal producers to Greenpoint!

AND there’s more: Due to an under served demand for local food in our area, Community Markets is also opening a farmers market at Cooper Park in East Williamsburg. It will also begin on June 3rd and run every Sunday through November 18th, from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Shoppers will find their vendors on the Maspeth Avenue side of the park. We’re getting enthusiastic response from area farmers about this market, too, and we’ll forward the full vendor list once it is confirmed.

Thank you,
Nicole Reed”

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Recipe: Daikon Cheddar Sandwich

I think I learned this sandwich from a German person. It seems like something German people would eat. Maybe it’s the pumpernickel bread. Either way it is the most delicious (and vegetarian) sandwich ever!
The first time I had it, it was with your standard grade european radish, but here I used daikon slices, which I find every week at the Greenmarket.

Simply butter pumpernickel bread, top it with cheddar cheese and any type of radish. It’s fresh, crunchy, buttery & cheesy. (Note: the fresh oregano is just a green garnish to pretty up the otherwise uncolorful photograph, but it might be delicious on there, too!)

If you have any great recipes to share, please send them to greenpointers (at) The goal is to make a Greenpointers Community Cookbook, the spiral bound kind your Mom has, but with illustrations from local artists.

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McGolrick Park Farmer’s Market Update

NYC - Brooklyn - Greenpoint: McGolrick Park - McGolrick Park Shelter Pavilion
© Wally G - Greepointers Flickr Pool

After seeing this article on Brownstoner, I called Community Markets, a company that  according to the article, “gained approval from Community Board 1” to develop a Farmer’s Market at McGolrick Park.

GP: “Is it true that the Farmer’s Market will begin on Sunday June 3rd?”

Community Market: “Yes,” then, “hold on,” then “everything should be buttoned up by next week. We’ll call you back.”

I called Community Board 1 and spoke to Marie (great Brooklyn accent) who said they “support the conceptual plan” but cannot approve it. Community Markets’ next step is to gain approval from the Park’s Department, who owns the property.

After speaking to the Park’s Department, the Farmer’s Market in McGolrick Park is “still in discussion,” as well as a proposal for a farmer’s market in Cooper Park.

So I am going to just go ahead and get everyone’s hopes up and be optimistic that this will happen, but I will keep you updated.

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When you get your veggies this morning at the Green Market, it will be hard to miss the runners competing in the McCarren Park Track Classic, but take a closer look and you might run into this guy, the Wandering Tortoise Messenger, who provides word of mouth messenger services. Before you start making fun of him and calling him a hipster, remember that hipsters are too cool to wear turtle hats.

In this day and age, when everyone is hunched over their cell phones walking into telephone polls, this guys is willing, like a taxi, to transport your message to any borough in New York City. The best part is he doesn’t take cash, only trades. That day he scored a trade for eggs and bread. Not too shabby. At the Green Market, that could easily run $15.

My brain started to run through all the possibilities. Dirty Talk? Marriage proposals? Make-ups? Break-ups? Divorce? Cursing someone out? Tell me! The service is confidential, but without revealing a name, he said he delivered a rental agreement from a tenant to landlord. That is a pretty strange way to tell your new landlord your moving in.

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