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DEAL: 20lbs Tomatoes for $35

tomato sauce food millIt’s summertime tomato wonderfulness now but think ahead and can the delicious fruits, because once winter hits your only options are mealy flavorless supermarket tomatoes. I can’t deal.

I am stoked at this weekly deal offered at the Brooklyn Kitchen through October. For $35 you get a 20lb box of canning tomatoes that come from Lancaster, PA or the Fingerlakes region of NY. And they are organic. Order by Tuesday at 5pm for pick-up that Friday.

I am not going to can my tomatoes. Instead, I am going to make big batches of red sauce and freeze it in small containers so we can have fresh pasta all winter. Who am I kidding? It will not last all winter! We will be lucky if it gets to the freezer.

Here is a delicious raw tomato sauce recipe from Paulie Gee.

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They sell gigantic and often tasteless strawberries all year round at the supermarket, but when the local farmers start wheeling and dealing these heavenly berries, I go insane. Often over $4 per pint, local strawberries seem pricey, but they are so worth it because they taste like they have been ripened in the sun not like they have been sitting in the refrigerator section of the produce isle. There are so many things you can do with these little treasures.

I have been on a jam rampage. Straight out of the 1970 Blue Ball Book of Canning, I make the trusted and true strawberry jam recipe, but I half the amount of strawberries and 1/4 the amount of sugar and it comes out great.

Strawberry Jam
2 Quarts Crushed Strawberries
3-6 C. Sugar
1/4 C. Lemon Juice (optional)

Slowly bring ingredients to a boil then fast boil it, stirring often, for 40 minutes until it passes the jam test. Hot water boil for 10-15 minutes in sterilized ball jars.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t risk it, check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation or Ball’s Fresh Preserving.

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