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Pop-Up Filipino Feast SALO to Embark on a 50-State Tour!

Salo Chef Yana Guilbuena Photo by Jen G

Back in December, on the eve of our first proper snow-fall, I tramped through the slushy streets of Greenpoint on a mission to experience my first ‘Salo‘, an underground Filipino supper hosted by Greenpointers’ very own wonder-chef Yana Gilbuena.

I stepped out of the frosty night air to find a glowing interior, a long table wrapped in banana leaves and a gang of friendly strangers – sharing wine and inhaling delicious cooking aromas. Continue reading

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Yana’s Salo Pop-Up on Anthony Eats America & Filipino Food Porn

Yana “snuck” learning how to cook in order to impress her Grandma in the Philippines – and the first dish she ever made was get this – Pasta Alfredo! Anthony Eats America featured a dish called Kaldereta – a goat stew served at a recent Salo Pop-Up Dinner in Bushwick that Yana hosted with her cooking buddy Kyle.

Here is food porn from our last Sunday Supper at Domestic Construction – sponsored by Brooklyn Gin. See more photos at Salo’s Facebook. Thanks to Niki Jackson & Jon Pywell for photography.

Check out what’s in store for our next Sunday Supper – a big fat Sicilian feast.


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SALO: Tatsulok Filipino Pop-Up Dinner (3/24)

Did you know that the The Philippines has three main regions, Luzon, Visaya and Mindanao, and that each region has different traditional dishes?

At the upcoming Tatsulok, which means three corners, dinner series on March 24, 6-11pm at 248 McKibben St Lofts, not only will you feast on homemade Filipino dishes, but you will get schooled on geography and Filipino culture.

Hosted by our very own Yana Guilbuena, the purpose of these events is “to represent the diversity in the country’s culinary palette as well as the influences of its neighbors and history.”  Knowing Yana, it’s also meant to be a tasty and for sure crazy fun time.


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