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Holly’s HeART by Hand: New Art & Maker Learning Center + Shop!

Holly’s HeART by Hand (172 Greenpoint Ave) is a new art & maker learning center and handmade shop. After several years of working the market circuit, owner and long-time Greenpoint resident Holly Fairall is putting down brick and mortar roots here.

Holly’s HeART by Hand (172 Greenpoint Ave)

The shop carries work from many local artists and fair-trade goods from global craftspeople including a beautiful collection of eco-friendly cards, jewelry, home goods, specialty foods, incense, and paper goods. In addition to all the products being ethically produced and eco-friendly, the prices are unbeatable, with an average cost of $25. If you ever need a unique gift, this is the place to go. Continue reading

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Gift Guide: Cafe Grumpy Gift Box Makes BEST Last Minute Gift

Well folks there are only 2 days until the big Christmas Day and many of us are scrambling. Maybe we forgot about our sister-in-law or that weird cousin no one talks about. Well everyone loves coffee – especially Cafe Grump Coffee. So when you’re getting your first or third daily espresso, grab a gift box before its too late! You don’t want to remember in the airport or on the road and be forced into buying a snow globe. (Nothing against snow globes)

AFRICAN SELECTIONS – Holidays 2013 $40 Continue reading

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Since We’re Tawking Cawfee… What the hell is sustainable fair trade coffee anyway?

A lot of the 100s of emails we receive at Greenpointers are things like infographics, which are viral marketing images. When they come from places called “Top Management Degrees,” like a good Sicilian, I’m extremely untrusting. I usually take a peek and learn a thing or two, but most of the time I get about a 1/4 of the way down (because they are long) and then lose interest.

Rianna, the sweet robot student who sent this to me addressed me with “Dear Matt,” but this infographic was actually engaging until the end.

And since we throw around the terms, “local sustainable, fair trade, organic” like they are going out of style – I figured I’d share. Please let me know in the comments whether you learned anything or think this was a complete waste of time and bandwidth. (Remember I am not a robot and do have feelings.) Click continue reading to see the entire (9 million pixel long) graphic for the whole story.

Otherwise, maybe you will find Top Management Degrees’ spectacular office slides more interesting.

Continue reading

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