Recipes Gone Wild: Roasted Corn Salad – What to do if you see a raccoon or have an adundance of corn…

Illustration by Libby VanderPloeg

There’s nothing much cuter than a fuzzy raccoon, even when it’s peeking out of a greasy dumpster in the summer heat.  Case in point here. But if you have the pleasure of seeing one of these masked mammals lumbering around during daylight hours (as I have this summer at Prospect Park), it might make you wonder what’s up? Does this furry friend, noctural-by-nature, have rabies, and is it about to sink it’s sharp little canines into my shin, only to infect me with it’s life-threatening disease? Continue reading

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Kings County Corn Bowl! Recap

Chicken and Waffle-Cone from The Brooklyn Star
Chicken & Waffle Cone: The Brooklyn Star

For corn-lovers, Greenpoint was the center of the known universe this Sunday, as TBD Bar hosted the first ever Kings County Corn Bowl. This fiercely contested cook-off settled a question as old as time itself: “what are the weirdest, wildest, and mother-shucking tastiestthings you can make with corn?”

Brooklyn Star previewed the main event with incredible Chicken and Waffle-Cones, topped with a tangy corn-slaw and lathered in syrup.

Then came the main event. Twelve culinary kooks brought incredible offerings, all crafted from freshly picked upstate corn. The dapper Kendall Holmes of Cloud Coffee Carts wowed with his corn soda (stop by his weekend pop-up outside the Artists and Flea Market to try his incredible coffee soda). Art of Eating In author Carney Erway twisted a staple Asian congee porridge  – ditching the rice and creating a “Corngee”, topped with succulent roast duck. Another honorable mention goes Julie Tanous and Ted Rosen to the Corn “Gaznacho”: a corn gazpacho with parsley oil, whimsically entering the Corn Bowl in… an edible corn nacho bowl. Continue reading

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