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(PRACTICALLY) FREE CLOTHES: ‘This For That’ Clothing Swap Thursday (5/30)

THIS FOR THAT clothing swap, presented by Dusty Rose Vintage
Get awesome clothes for virtually no money: who could argue with that?

Are you broke, but yearning to spruce up your summer wardrobe? Lady, it’s your lucky day. Dusty Rose Vintage is Greenpoint’s largest vintage clothing warehouse, and will host their first annual “This For That” clothing swap on Thursday May 30th.

Here’s how it works:

…just rock up with a bag of spring/summer garments and accessories you’re done wearing but want to find another loving home.

$3 gets you in the door, then swap to your heart’s content. With a packed crowd of other Greenpoint fashion addicts, you’re bound to make awesome trades.

Plus it’s a perfect opportunity to spring-clean your closet, and go shopping without a shred of guilt. Can’t put a bag together? Just pay a little more: $5 at the door.

Dusty Rose will lay out free punch for to quench your thrifty thirst, and if you can’t make the swap but still want to donate, you’re welcome to drop clothes off at the warehouse in the week before the event.

If you’re a true vintage fan, this is a great chance to get a sneak-peak at Dusty Rose Vintage BEFORE they officially throw their doors open to the public in June. Trust us: this place is going to be a goldmine of affordable vintage, unlike anything in New York City.  It has to be seen to be believed.

What: THIS FOR THAT Spring Clothing Swap

When: Thursday, May 30th, 7 – 10 ((we won’t kick you out if you want to hang later))

Where:  Dusty Rose Vintage Wholesale Warehouse, 233 Norman Avenue, Greenpoint

Admission: $3 with a bag of clothes, $5 without

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New Greenpoint Vintage Warehouse Outfits For Halloween

The perfect vintage piece to complete your incredible Halloween outfit is sitting in a Greenpoint warehouse right now at Dusty Rose Vintage. The venerable vintage clothing wholesaler has opened in a new space on 233 Norman Avenue, and they are throwing open their doors in honor of Halloween. Usually open by appointment only to commercial clients, Dusty Rose is inviting the whole neighborhood to stop by and celebrate the ghoulish holiday with the finest undead threads. Continue reading

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Kings County Corn Bowl! Recap

Chicken and Waffle-Cone from The Brooklyn Star
Chicken & Waffle Cone: The Brooklyn Star

For corn-lovers, Greenpoint was the center of the known universe this Sunday, as TBD Bar hosted the first ever Kings County Corn Bowl. This fiercely contested cook-off settled a question as old as time itself: “what are the weirdest, wildest, and mother-shucking tastiestthings you can make with corn?”

Brooklyn Star previewed the main event with incredible Chicken and Waffle-Cones, topped with a tangy corn-slaw and lathered in syrup.

Then came the main event. Twelve culinary kooks brought incredible offerings, all crafted from freshly picked upstate corn. The dapper Kendall Holmes of Cloud Coffee Carts wowed with his corn soda (stop by his weekend pop-up outside the Artists and Flea Market to try his incredible coffee soda). Art of Eating In author Carney Erway twisted a staple Asian congee porridge  – ditching the rice and creating a “Corngee”, topped with succulent roast duck. Another honorable mention goes Julie Tanous and Ted Rosen to the Corn “Gaznacho”: a corn gazpacho with parsley oil, whimsically entering the Corn Bowl in… an edible corn nacho bowl. Continue reading

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Northside Comedy: Don’t Miss Neil Hamburger This Sunday

The Northside Festival is largely about music, and already hordes of musicians have descended on our area to play shows, live the dream, and cheat on their girlfriends. But if you’re a comedy nerd, make time to see Neil Hamburger at the Knitting Factory on Sunday night.

Sun, June 17, 2012
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm
Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Tickets here:

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VCR Party at the Nitehawk

Great news, everyone: the best thing that ever happened in America just happened, right down the street.

Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett run the Found Footage festival, a showcase for the power-nerds who scour thrift stores for unintentionally funny VHS footage, and mash it into video collages that delight and horrify. And the pair have just launched a monthly comedy night at the Nitehawk, featuring previewed material from Nick and Joe’s next Found Footage tour, as well as clips from other collectors and comedians sharing their own home movies.

The opening night was a joyous celebration of nerdy, no-brow insanity, with so much fantastically inappropriate and wonderful stuff on screen, it’s difficult to excerpt. But a mere fraction of the evening’s entertainment included:

–       a homoerotic confessional, to concert footage of 80’s rock gods Night Ranger

–       heavy metal themed B-movie trailers (e.g. Slumber Party Massacre II) , assembled by (mission: “the best in breasts from all genre cinema”)

–       a Dadaist, scatological Wisconsin game show, doing business as “I Eat and Drink Diarrhea”

–       a music video starring OJ Simpson (post-trial), blending raps mocking the justice system with sub-Jackass-level goofs featuring ‘The Juice’ himself

–       a TV show taking a light-hearted look at advances in surgical wound care

–       the greatest amateur cable access performance artist in history (suggested title for a typical piece: “masked patriot in flag thong covers self in food and dances poorly to Beethoven for studio audience of bored seniors”).

If you haven’t ALREADY decided to attend the next show based on that list, we wash our hands of you.

Greenpointers would liken this show to a night spent watching the best of YouTube, plus delicious food and beer. But that comparison is woeful. It’s more like the President of YouTube and Charles Foster Kane co-hosting a private tour of their secret video vault, packed with footage of such intense human idiocy that only trained minds can fathom it. Plus delicious food and beer.

The next show is in the works, with the date yet to be scheduled. Tickets are not yet available but follow Nick and Joe for developments here and here, and Greenpointers will try to get the word out as soon as tickets go on sale.

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Comedy in Greenpoint

You want to see comedy in Greenpoint, but don’t know where? We did some work for you.

Mondays 8pm: New York Broken Comedy at Matchless (FREE). Hosts Mike Denny, Nimesh Patel, and Michael Che bring a solid show to the Matchless back room, competing with live European motorcycle racing in the main bar. The comedy is way more entertaining than the racing. Unless there’s a crash.

1st and 3rd Fridays of the month, 8pm: Pirate Party at Red Star Bar, hosted by Annie Lederman (FREE). Former party girl Lederman hosts this great show of up-and-coming comics. Pitchers of Bud/Bud Light are $10 and there’s a free karaoke show after.

On a legendarily erratic schedule: Wards Of Merkin, probably at the Greenpoint Reformed Church (FREE). This is the great white whale of the Greenpoint comedy scene. It comes along rarely. Unpredictably. But when it does, it blows everyone out of the water. Bobby Tisdale, a writer for Jimmy Fallon, draws huge comedy names (Colin Quinn, Todd, Barry, Eugene Mirman) to this always-packed show. It seems to only happen when Tisdale has time. And he’s a busy man. But follow @wardsofmerkin on Twitter or Facebook to not miss the next one. The free tickets usually sell out within a day. Plus it’s BYOB, which makes Wards a good way to get cheap-drunk in the dark knave of a Protestant Church. (I know… AGAIN!)

You should also drag yourself to Williamsburg sometimes, for Hannibal Burress’ awesome Sunday night show at the Knitting Factory (it’s also FREE). You will not be disappointed, unless you don’t get there early… because it packs out quick.

There has also been talk of Greenpointers hosting its own comedy night in April, so stay tuned…

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