My! My Friend’s Mustard

On Saturday TBD hosted the First Annual Brooklyn Mustard Festival. It was the perfect day to sit in the sunny yard and eat mustard covered Sigmund’s pretzels.

Mustard is one of those things I hated growing up and only recently acquired a taste for. Unless it’s a giant slab of kielbasa, I never find myself asking for anyone to pass the mustard. That all changed this weekend.

There was a line-up of mustard geniuses but one mustard stood out among the rest: My Friend’s Mustard. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night looking for anything to dip into “my tub” (not “my boyfriend’s” tub or “our” tub) – “my tub!” of “whole grain beer mustard from Brooklyn.”

It’s not yellow runny mustard or fancy french dijon. It isn’t the means to just spicing up your hot dog. My Friend’s Mustard is an end in itself. A spicy and sweet mustard with an addictive creamy nutty texture and that invigorating wasabe effect on your senses. I am hooked and taking every chance I get to slather it on everything!

Get ’em while they last! Brooklyn Standard, Eastern District & Brouwerij Lane will only be carrying the mustard until their inventories runs out (meaning until I buy it all), then you can buy it directly from their website.

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© DP Chutney Collective

When I am at Indian restaurants I have this problem of licking chutney out of the bowl if I run out of things to smother it all over. I am obsessed. So is Drake from DP Chutney Collective, who is enabling my addiction with a Chutney Class at Good Yoga on 3/14. More info here.

Drake, who lives and runs DP Chutney Collective in Greenpoint, took some time to have a chutney chat with Greenpointers and share a delicious recipe.

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CHUTNEY CLASS with DP Chutney Collective

We are excited to announce our next class: Chutney Class with Drake from DP Chutney Collective. The class will take place on Wednesday March 14, 2012, 7pm at Good Yoga (73 Calyer St.) Learn to make and take home 2 fresh chutneys: coriander/mint & tamarind, and one cooked and unusual eggplant chutney, which will be canned. Class is $25 and includes all materials. Limit 12 people. RSVP to greenpointers (at) Our last class sold out quickly so sign-up ASAP.

Some visual credits: I shamelessly stole the poster design from Claire Typaldos, our Terrarium Class Instructor. And Jon Pywell made the awesome jar illustration!

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