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Greenpoint’s Best Burger + Beer Deals

© Threes Brewing

It’s no secret that NYC burgers have become a bit of a luxury item. Foodie culture and “chef-driven” menus have made $20+ burgers the rule rather than the exception. But there’s no need to despair; the budget-conscious among us can still find some awesome burger-related deals if we know where to look. Fortunately for us North Brooklynites, our neighborhood’s got plenty of specials that include both the burger and its natural partner: a cold, crisp beer. Behold, the Top Burger And Beer Deals of Greenpoint (and sure, North Williamsburg too):

Threes At Franklin + Kent | 113 Franklin St (at Kent)

Although we still miss Franklin Street’s dearly-departed Cassette, we have to say: Threes Brewing is killing it at the pop-up game. Their open-ended residency in the space, Threes at Franklin + Kent, is the ideal spot to meet up with friends and grab a bite and a high-quality brew, and while they started their run with a snack-only food menu, they’ve since expanded into sandwich and burger territory. Their partnership with Purslane Catering lets them serve up substantial dishes that pair beautifully with their draft offerings, and they’ve built some very appealing deals into the menu. Our personal favorite has to be the Burgers + Beer Special ($12), available Monday-Friday from 5-7pm. You’ll get a grilled beef burger with Fontina cheese and caramelized onions on a Sullivan Street Bakery brioche bun, plus a side of smashed potatoes and an 11 oz pour of a Threes draft beer. Because it’s a pop-up, we know that Threes At Franklin + Kent may one day vanish as magically and suddenly as it appeared…but with a happy hour situation like that, we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for a long stay. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Lantern Charms with Jazz Concerts, Mondrian Decor and Classic Fare

Brooklyn Lantern restaurant. Photo by Louisa Lau
Brooklyn Lantern restaurant. Photo by Louisa Lau.

Your first approach to the Box House Hotel, which holds the Brooklyn Lantern restaurant, is a bit confused. Box Street in North Greenpoint is so quiet that you wonder if you’re on the right street.

Soon enough, you stumble on a sixties-style taxi parked casually outside, as if the owner had gone inside for a martini and a smoke. This is just part of the intrigue of this spot on the northern fringe of Greenpoint.

As I entered, I was expecting a sparse North Brooklyn chic—dimly-lit Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, perhaps a tasteful, unobtrusive abstract piece hanging from the wall. What I got instead intrigued me—if this was the décor, I was eager to try Brooklyn Lantern.

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