Bad Mother Supper Club

Bad Mother Supper, Greenpoint’s Newest Underground Supper Club

Image: Chris Setter

There’s no denying that North Brooklyn is brimming with good restaurants and great bars. It’s become undeniably easy to constantly eat at different spots and not try them all. But sometimes, you want something a bit more intimate, a new way to actually get to know your neighbors. That is, after all, what bars and restaurants are at their very core, meeting places with food and drink. Enter the supper club. “Supper clubs” have emerged as a small trend over the past few years. Small ticketed dinners, usually thrown in a restaurant’s private room or a private home large enough to handle a dinner party, where you can make new friends outside of your usual circle. At least, this is what John Bisignano is hoping will happen at his Bad Mother Supper Club dinners. Continue reading

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