Active Spaces Spotlights Local Gyms and Interesting Workouts

The playful logo on Active Space’s homepage may be reason enough to consider upping your workout game. Ever-shifting, the logo is physical itself, skating between dancing, swimming, and running graphics.

It’s 2019: what is a workout if it can’t be digitized? Well, the workouts are still completed IRL, but Active Space as a digital platform helps you choose where to find them, and a number of North Brooklyn gyms — or, per the company’s title, “active spaces” — are listed on the site.

Some of these locales include Chalk Gym (193 North 9th Street) in Williamsburg and bouldering gym GP81 (81 Quay Street) in Greenpoint. And now that the weather is nicer and the days are longer, it may be time to finally check out these neighborhood gyms.

“Ultimately, our goal is to help New Yorkers discover workouts they love through our site’s independent editorial reviews,” founder Jordana Gluckow says. “Our team pays for all our own classes (to maintain impartiality) and we have a seasoned team of writers with varying athletic ability levels who are well-versed in NYC workout studios and less well-known fitness classes.”

And if you’re still not feeling motivated, the Active Spaces Instagram account features colorful quotes on wellness and workouts from perennial icons like Oprah, Dolly, and — yes — Cher.

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Happy Arbor Day Greenpoint: RePhoto That Tree!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the trees are about to explode in leaf, and you’re finally inspired to go outside – take some photos for science!

Project Rephoto  leverages all the smartphones we wield as a massive network of sensors to monitor street tree health and growth by taking pictures of trees repeatedly over time. To aid in this, the research team has created an iOS  and Android  image capture application explicitly designed to support repeat photography – the process of taking a new image from exactly the same perspective as a previous image.

I’ve been monitoring a couple trees on my block since February – you can see the photos I’ve taken. The app makes this easier than you think by showing the previous picture of your subject half see-through so that the new picture is perfectly aligned.  To participate in the Greenpoint Tree Monitoring Project you need to first get the longitude and latitude of the tree.  To do this, use Google Maps to locate the tree you want to monitor, right click on the location and choose “What’s here?”  Hover the mouse over the green marker that was placed on the map, and comment below the coordinates (which would be something like 40.732934, -73.956163) and something memorable to call the tree.  We will add your monitoring location on the map, and the next time you’re nearby fire up the RePhoto app, sign into the project and start doing something useful with that smartphone!  (you can of course, also use rePhoto to repeating photograph anything you like- your houseplant, your closet, your eyeball…)

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