From the Archives: More Historical Photos of Greenpoint

“Leonard Street, south from Calyer Street, showing in the left center foreground the spire of a Polish Church. July 25, 1939.” Photo via NYPL

The New York Public Library’s Old NYC website is an excellent resource for taking a walk down memory lane through vintage photos. The site maps the NYPL’s immense digital collection of vintage images of the five boroughs. While the concentration of photos is visibly the densest in Manhattan, the Brooklyn collection is also expansive, and an excellent wormhole back in time.

We already used the tool to roundup one set of images showing Greenpoint throughout the 20th Century, and here’s another, this time with a smaller date margin. Continue reading

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The Illicit Affair That Brought Greenpoint’s own Mae West to Hollywood

Mae West

In a previous piece I described how Mae West funded her scandalous 1927 play sex through her romance with the rich, handsome, but very dangerous gangster Owney Madden. However, it was the poor, but handsome bag man of the gangster who made West an American icon.

In 1927 the Acting Mayor of New York Joe McKee, scandalized by the drama’s frank sexual portrayals, had West and the rest of the cast arrested. The arrest was a publicity gold mine and sex and West were the words on the lips of all New Yorkers. When the cops jailed Mae the gangster’s connections with Blackwell’s Island warden earned Mae a private cell and silk underwear. She even dined with the warden every night and left after six days being let out early for good behavior. Upon her release she quipped, “It was the first time I ever got anything for good behavior.” Continue reading

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