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logo (2) (1)From the Source is a furniture company like no other. We sustainably source, cut and ​kiln ​dry our wood and manufacture our very own designs.​ Many of the designs are component pieces, letting you take part in the creative process​. Our Brooklyn location is huge; it’s ​​a great place to​ explore and catch a glimpse of new arrivals. An assortment of wood slabs and metal bases stand ready to become unique furnishings, with plenty of benches and chairs to mix​& match. Stop by​ and discover our beautiful hardwood furniture collection. Whether you want to bring an authentic voice to your next big project, or need a comfortable place to perch, we are your source.

69 West St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222

(718) 532-1671

Sat-Thur | 10am-6om
Fri | 10am-5pm


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