New Joint Alert

According to the latest issue of Time Out NY a new restaurant is among us. 68 – Coco66 owner David Kelleran quietly opened this restaurant adjacent to his popular Greenpoint […]

Midnight Riders

Weigh in on Save The G’s post about when you need the G. Seems like the consensus is on late nights. Hmmm, seems us Pointers and our neighbors are dirty […]

Dr. Perv

Ew. Double ew. I mean really. Like going to the dentist isn’t bad enough you have to get molested and held captive by one? Dr. Neil Mate, 54, of Dental […]


I read the latest Time Out this morning during my commute and spied an article on the “bloggiest” (their word, not mine) nabe in Brooklyn. Turns out it’s Clinton Hill […]

Puffin’ Point

Bloody bliss Originally uploaded by Dmitry Gudkov Smokers unite! Greenpoint is the smokiest nabe in Brooklyn! According to the Health Department, those crazy hipsters and the local Poles puff away […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Bee’s, Greenpoint BK Originally uploaded by denisemapleho I cannot believe Socrates is closed! Fine, it wasn’t the classiest joint in the world but it was there forever. What’s next? Three […]

Bikers Go Boom

The Daily News reports on the rise in bicycle related accidents in Greenpoint and Williamsburg this morning. And I’m actually happy to see that the stance is on the side […]

The Ew Factor

wackness olsen Originally uploaded by becksie88 Me and little sister JoJo spotted filming being done at Murphy’s Bar on Calyer Street over the weekend. According to Page Six it seems […]

And Now This?!

Arggggggggggg. Con Ed implements brownout in Brooklyn due to heat Wed Aug 8, 2007 2:27PM EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) – Consolidated Edison Inc. implemented a voltage reduction or brownout Wednesday […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Brooklyn Tornado of 2007 Originally uploaded by JGNY There is no train service in both directions between the Long Island City-Court Square Station and the Smith-9th Street Station. There is […]