Hi Greenpointers!

I was inspired by Justine’s GPT Q&A and thought I’d send in some of my own answers. Do with them what you will!

1. Favorite block/street & why?
Franklin is my favorite street to walk down, any time of the day, any day of the week. It’s pretty, calm (or as calm as it gets in Greenpoint on a main street), and there’s new shops, bars, and restaurants popping up all the time. I’ve also come across a lot of found art, interesting graffiti, and other random eye-pleasing sights.

2. Favorite coffee spot?

Brooklyn Label, but I’m more likely to get one of their amazing chai lattes.

3. Favorite bar or hangout?
The Habitat. Friendly service, amazing food, and a great beer selection. Plus, you feel like you’re hanging out in a friend’s backyard!

4. Favorite restaurant or place to nosh?
Baker’s Dozen on Manhattan makes my favorite bagels and offers up a variety of sandwiches and other eats for very reasonable prices. My favorite: a whole wheat everything bagel, toasted, with a big pile of turkey and monterey jack cheese.

5. Favorite etc? (New spot, retail shop, open space, whatevs!)
Word books, by far! I aspire to work there one day. Shhhh 😉


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